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  1. I have noticed that when using Helix as audio interface with Reaper that if I shut off the Helix while Reaper is still running, that the computer goes to a blue screen, and says something about a fatal error and starts gathering info to send to Microsoft. Then the computer does a complete restart. I haven't tried shutting down Reaper first but it's still odd behavior. Anyone else experience this? It's a Windows 10 computer. The only other thing that could be mixed up in this is the fact that I have two sets of speakers. One set is XLR from the Helix and the other set is computer speakers from the RCA jack on back of PC. So there are Realtek drivers for the computer speakers and Helix drivers for the Focal monitors. One other thing here that might help some users with a different issue. I noticed loud crack or pop sounds from my new Focal monitors that almost scared me out of my chair the first few times. I thought I might damage the monitors. Turns out that Realtek standard driver appears to have a power down function to save power if the speaker is not used for a period of time. This also happened on my computer monitors but less noticeable. If you don't use any audio for about 3-5 minutes power is cut and then re-ingaged when you start a video or start playiing.....So through Dell I found that there is a high definition driver from Realtek that doesn't have this problem plus he installed Max Audio Pro to manage the audio connections which may or may not help. I have also disabled power saving on USB ports as an after thought because sometimes when I walk away from the computer for longer periods and come back to Reaper and Helix, the connection is broken and HX EDit doesn't work nor does Reaper if I remember correctly. I also think that Microsoft updates can screw up the driver configuration I have now...so watch for that....if needed.
  2. Seems like maybe he is using Floyd Rose Graphtech tremolo...plus some Ir's from 3 Sigma...While the makeup of Graph Tech’s saddles is impressive to say the least, it’s the endless possibilities of their application that is really what makes them an incredible innovation; they will work alone or in conjunction with any ghost preamp kit. In combination with a Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Preamp, your electric guitar can produce a rich, authentic acoustic guitar tone at the flick of a switch. In addition, the saddles can also be used with the Graph Tech Hexpander Preamp, adding a MIDI interface to your instrument, which in combination with a pitch-to-MIDI converter will create virtually endless possibilities of sounds that you can produce with your Floyd-equipped guitar. From flawless real instrument imitation to your own custom synthesized sounds, there’s really no end to the variations that you can create.
  3. Hey Everyone! I heard this tone from Jack Thammarat....lovely.....acoustic sound....similar to Neal Schon on his album Beyond the Thunder which I recommend eveyone to check out... I am trying to understand how to emulate this on the Helix.....Jack says this......Hi guys! Here is another jam video in hotel room. The acoustic sound comes from piezo bridge blended with acoustic guitar impulse response from 3 Sigma Audio with Line 6 HX-STOMP. Hope you like it. and this........Hey jack is it the piazo or some accoustic simulator making it soung like accoustic guitar ???? 1 REPLY Hide 2 replies JackThammarat 9 months ago It's a piezo loaded Graphtech Floyd Rose blended with Acoustic IRs. It has realistic sound and feeling. It doesn't like acoustic simulator. Does anyone have any insight into this type of sound.......would appreciate feedback...... Regards,
  4. Same issue....tuner does not register anything from guitar....Checked all settings, don't see any problem there.....also no sound out on 1/4 inch jack outputs now.... I posted this in the wrong place it appears.....I have Helix LT...anyway everything ok now....appears to have just needed to be turned on and off one more time since I did update last night...although I did disconnect the usb cable when I powered down and up, but good now...maybe just a glitch from shutting down right after update last night and using today.....
  5. Funny, I just turned it on and off after I disconnected the usb cable and voila.....sound........plugged usb cable back in, power down and up....still working....yeah! Maybe just some glitch after installing last night and first time turned on since...as I never checked anything last night after the dowload.
  6. I did that....nothing there....
  7. Same issue....tuner does not register anything from guitar....Checked all settings, don't see any problem there.....also no sound out on 1/4 inch jack outputs now....
  8. Dowloaded HXEDIT 2.90 and finished update on Win 7 computer and LT. Seeemed to go smoothly with no hitches.....Now there is no output from the 1/4 inch out jack and the tuner does not register anything from my guitar.
  9. I have been using a Fishman Loudbox 100 acoustic amp for a couple of years with my Helix. I feed the effects return and use the helix amps and cabs in my presets. I find that it sounds pretty good when dialed in properly. I am thinking about buying some good quality FRFR speakers like Neumann KH120A or Focus Shape 50's, I just hope that I notice a difference when I do.
  10. I have the same problem on some of my presets...same message. I have set to 8 snapshots on the foot switches. The bottom 4 switches are lit up all the time and I cannot select 1 thru 4. They do change the snapshot but the rings stay lit on all 4 and the number in the top right doesn't change. When I go to the top 4 switches 5 thru 8 work correctly and only the ring selected is lit up and the number for the snapshot changes. The other thing I am noticing now is a low or high frequency dive when switching between snapshots even though there is nothing going on except turning on or off a block. Never heard this before.....
  11. Fixed the problem.....downloaded and installed the HX Edit software with the updater and perhaps newer drivers, (2.81) then restarted the updater and firmware install....bingo, starting fresh......will have to pay more attention to the instructions next time.......phew!!!!!!
  12. I believe even if you forgot to update your software first to 2.81 and then it hangs on the firmware install, (like it did for me) just go back and install the software 2.81 and the updater together, then rerun the firmware updater. Note, it may have also updated drivers at this time as it asked me multiple times if I wanted to install some Yamaha drivers or some such....That's what I just did and it appears to be starting the firmware updated fresh now.....was worried for a while that i messed it up.......
  13. Hi! Started to do the helix LT 2.81 update but didn't read carefully enough. Supposed to download 2.81 HX Edit first. Didn't do that. Started firmware update. Now it is hung on the Boot Error section about half way through the process. Gave up and closed the updater and turned off the helix. Now it is still displaying the Boot Failure Update Mode with a small -3 in the upper left of the window.... Anyone know what to do now to fix this? Regards, L Chown
  14. RE: What other artists can I cover.......I would love to hear someone cover Neal Schon re....Caruso solo, or Send Me an Angel or Big Moon, very clean beautiful lead tone....and someone who covers these really well is Vinai Trinateepakdee.......worth checking out.....love his tone too.......also last one Vinai cover of Leon Russell "A song for You"
  15. I understand being efficient with DSP and for now I am using snapshot to change the gain on the second pedal but assigning two identical overdrive pedals to the same footswitch with one having different gain and level than the other (one off, one on) and saving the preset resets one of the pedal's gain to 0 every time....so it must be a bug in the software unless I am missing something. i will look at it again today to be sure. Maybe that is something that is just not meant to be done.
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