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  1. Hi folks, It seems to me that you didn`t quite catch my problem. But meanwhile I solved it. Here is the solution: I had to hold the button No 6 and 12 down, that is the both right buttons, while turning the helix on. Then the helix goes to the boot modus and the update can start. So you see: overbearing artful dodgerness doesn`t help, but knowledge. Have a nice day and note down
  2. During my helix update from 2.71 to 2.81 a failure occured: I did a back on Helix Edit. Then I updated Line 6 Updater and probably forgot to update Helix Edit. Then I started the update from 2.71 to 2.81. The announced break at the middle of the update lasted for 14 hours. Thats why I turned everything off. Now the Helix edit doesn`t recognize the Helix. The Helix shows: "Boot failure, Entered Update Mode. How can I stop the Helix showing "Boot failure................"? What can I do now?
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