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  1. Hi. I have a Helix floor and Helix Native. I don't know if this has been asked before. But is there a way I can transfer all my Helix floor patches to Native and Hx stomp? Thanks
  2. Yup opened a support ticket. I did everything he said. He also told me to recreate the preset from scratch. That worked. But I just have too many patches to recreate from scratch. I found it easier to just clear the controllers and reenter the parameter changes manually than recreating everything from scratch. I did it so I can use the thing already. It's been really frustrating for me
  3. At first I was on 2.80. Backed up with hx edit 2.80 before updating to 2.81. Problem appeared. Reinstalled 2.81. Still there. Reverted to 2.80 (including hx edit 2.80).Everything normal again (except for the exp pedal bug). Updated to 2.81 again then restored backup. Snapshot freezing the unit again. Had to play a show the next day so I reverted everything (including hx edit) to 2.71 where everything's normal. Played the show without problems. When I got back home, I updated again this time from 2.71 to 2.81. Freezing still. Then that's when the idea to clear controller settings came to me. Was desperate to use the new amps. Lol I have every backup from every update in my laptop so no problems reverting.
  4. Yup I did all of those. Reloaded the firmware 4 times. Even reverted to 2.71 then back to 2.81. Installed hx edit 2.71 on that one then backed up again. Then reinstalled 2.81 for the update and the restore. Did the global reset before reloading my presets. Then restarting the unit even before trying anything. Even tried reloading my presets one by one. What I found is it happens to most (not all) of my presets where some blocks are copied from another preset then edited a bit to fit the song it's for. I've owned the unit for three years and nothing like this has ever happened to me.
  5. I find this better than building all my presets from scratch
  6. yup. did the global reset before restoring from backup.
  7. My snapshots are still there, except for the parameter changes inside
  8. Here's what I did. I wanted so badly to use 2.81. Problem was, almost all my presets had snapshots with different parameter changes in them. But when I would use the snapshots, the unit would freeze. I thought what if I cleared the snapshot assignments? So I did a quick search on the web and only thing I could find was how to clear all controller assignments. So I did that (for every preset I had then saved them). Working normal now, except I had to manually reenter the different parameter changes for my snaps. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi. How did you get it to work?
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