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  1. GuitarjonSDS

    Line 6 should recieve an award....

    hmmmm I need to try that mix!!
  2. I feel like Line 6 should recieve an award for creating the best virtual amp for metal in the history of the world. I'm talking about Badonk of course. :) Sure, there are other amazing high gain amp models in the Helix platform like the Cali IV lead and others. However, Badonk is something totally unique ad original since it's not really based on just one amp. Badonk was based on the old and mighty Big Bottom model from earlier Line 6 platforms and that one was loosely based on a Dual Rectifier and a Rivera Los Lobottom. The Big Bottom amp was used by quite a few famous artists such as Meshuggah and guys from bands like Periphery etc. It's a well known amp just as amps like the JCM800 and Fender Twin are in the analog amp world. I think this amp also deserves to be credited as a world-class and famous amp! Who here agrees?? A couple of tips about dialing in the Badonk: -Careful with the Depth (I usually have it set to somewhere in between 0.0 and 0.4-ish). Luckily Line 6 have recently changed the default settings. -Also be careful with the Bass control, I never set it higher than 5, usually a little lower. -Don't be afraid to be generous with the presence control to make it as bright or dark as you need it. -Try it without a boost since it's already pretty tight sounding! Using these tweaking tips I created this tone, and I really dig how it turned out:
  3. GuitarjonSDS

    A love letter to the Helix!

    Yep, that's also how I work often. That's why Native is also so nice, just the added functionality when you want to change or automate something during the mixing process.
  4. GuitarjonSDS

    A love letter to the Helix!

    For sure! What kind of approach do you prefer in general?
  5. GuitarjonSDS

    Heavier tones with GNR M25 MMMC Pack

    Hey man, The GNR can definitely do heavier styles but the cab and speaker are obviously more geared towards the more classic rock tones. For metal there are some other cabs on the site that I would recommend. However, like I said it definitely can do metal well, for example try the JPS mixes as those are based around a John Petrucci-esque mic setup. For a more dark sound go for the GNR files and for a brighter sound pick the RAW files. Like DunedinDragon said, check out the Core Mixes Quick Start folders first. Btw, have you checked out these videos? They should help to make it easier to find a file that works for you:
  6. GuitarjonSDS

    A love letter to the Helix!

    Hey guys, Helix is straight up lovely and you know it! I felt like making a video that would sum up everything that's great about this platform: I'd love to know how you build your presets too. I know guys who need at least 12 blocks to get a good tone and others 2, it's interesting to me that approaches can vary so much. Do you prefer the simple approach like me, or do you like to add a bunch of blocks to finetune your sound?
  7. GuitarjonSDS

    Running HX Effects with my Orange OR15

    Hey guys, Made a new HX Effects demonstration video. I'm running it in 4 cm method with the amps speaker out going to a loabox which is then going back into the HX FX. The HX FX is taking care of all the effects as well as IR loading with an OwnHammer 212 ORNG M25 IR. Love how this sounds! It would be amazing if Line 6 decided to add more Orange amps to the Helix platforms... I guess we'll see.
  8. GuitarjonSDS

    Dual Rectifier vs Helix (and 12 other modelers)

    It's interesting to me to see what people like! I didn't really like the Lepou one at all since the low end doesn't seem to have any real definition.
  9. Hey guys! I recently got a Dual Rectifier. Simply because I've always wanted one. Ever since reading about it in a POD manual actually. So Line 6 inspired me to get the real amp, which is cool! I had to make a comparison so I thought I'd share it here too. I compare the recto to Helix but also to pod farm which is surprisingly good still! :) Don't want to reveal to much of my thoughts just yet but it's safe to say that Line 6 did a great job ;)
  10. GuitarjonSDS

    The Reamp Show! (Episode 3 available now!)

    Hey guys, just released episode 3! Thanks to Yosh for providing the DI's!
  11. Hey guys! I LOVE Line 6's modeling and I will very likely use their amp modeling until the day I die! However, I hadn't owned a 'proper' tube amp in years and I thought HX FX would be a great centerpiece and brain of my new tube rig. So far I'm really really loving this thing. It sounds amazing of course but the features and routing options etc are really incredible. It didn't take much effort to integrate this pedal into the new tube amp rig. For this first video the setup is quite simple. It's a metal track with mainly rhythm guitars but the HX has a big part to play in the sound. Not only do I use it for a noise gate and a flanger, it also takes care of the OwnHammer IR loading and room reverb. For this I'm using a type of 4cm but I explain it better in the video. Hope you enjoy this video, there are many more videos with Hx Effects to come!
  12. Hey guys, I love to use my JTV-59 for classic-ish rock tones. I almost always just use the magnetic pickups since they do such a good job. Pair that with the Helix's Placater Dirty amp and OwnHammer 412 FMAN IR's and BOOM, you've got tone! Check it out in this video:
  13. GuitarjonSDS

    OH 412 FMAN 6 Pack IR's

    Thank you for expressing interest in OwnHammer products! I'm sorry that you find this release confusing but I assure you that it's actually quite simple. If you buy one of the 'regular' single speaker cabs, you'll just get the regular OwnHammer feature set. There are some additions in the more recent OH releases such as the 'RIP' and 'SHRED' mixes. Now, if you get the 6-pack you'll recieve some extras! Additional speaker folder options included: • “M25B” based on a blend of the M25M, M25V, and M93 speakers. • “MIX” based on a blend of the M25V and V93 speakers (EMC feature set). • “V30B” is based on a blend of the V30M, V30V, and V93 speakers. The following pre-made complimentary speaker pair mixes are also provided: • M25B+V30B • M25M+V30M • M25V+V30V • M93+V93 • V30B+M25B •V30M+M25M • V30V+M25V • V93+M93 Also, the M25V, V93 and MIX files (the MIX being a 6-pack exclusive) feature the EMC feature set which stands for 'Extended Microphone Collection'. The EMC feature set is quite similar to the GNR since it features many additional microphones and mixes such as the Brown, CL1, CL2, JP and OH3 mixes. The EMC's feature a total of 42 single mic options including the auxilliary files (ROOM, REAR etc.). The user manual and product page feature a complete list of all the included mics and mixes. Hope this helps!
  14. GuitarjonSDS

    OH 412 FMAN 6 Pack IR's

    @Jagman13 thanks for that great review! I came here to make a post of my own about the FMAN but it's probably better to leave that in this thread: Available now from OwnHammer.com is the 412 FMAN! Based on the 4x12 from this legendary amp maker and modder for the stars, this pack is centered around the pinnacle of sound for hot-rodded British tones. The 6-Pack bundle library utilizes pairs of the most popular speakers for this application - the M25 and V30 - and provisions specimens from a wide range of eras of manufacturing. Many, many extras are included for the 6-Pack bundle for this library on top of the usual feature set. M25B, V30B, and derivative pairs blend all M25 and V30 types into pre-made files, as well and most notably the M25V and V93 speakers are provided in Extended Microphone Collection (EMC) format as a 6-Pack only feature. The EMC add-ons bring much of what is found in the virally successful Basketweave GNR library series in the form of many additional mics and mixes. In the 6-Pack, there is an additional "MIX" speaker type option that blends the M25V and V93 for the full EMC feature set. To round it all off, an exclusive "SHRED" mix has been added to the lot. Blissful tones abound in this staple release from OwnHammer, which you can pick up at: https://ownhammer.com/412-fman
  15. GuitarjonSDS

    The Reamp Show!

    Hey guys, I came up with a new fun idea for a video series! The concept is simple: My viewers send me DI tracks of some guitars along with some drum and bass stems. I then reamp the guitars with VST plugins only, so no real amps. It's been fun and interesting so far. I'm planning on doing other platforms as well but so far Helix Native has worked out very well. Here is episode 1: And I've just released episode 2: Hope you enjoy!