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  1. Here is one that has been around for a while but maybe hasnt been updated in a while: https://dbagchee.github.io/helix-preset-viewer/
  2. Congrats. Im still putting off updating my LT due to all the horror stories Ive read about. I dont play that much and I can wait ;0
  3. Snapshots wouldnt work for you? you can turn on/off a zillion things and change a zillion parameters between snapshots.
  4. Watch this: and: Good luck
  5. The idea is that not just the patch creator but also the person who downloaded the patch could edit the metadata (especially if the creator didnt enter in any metadata) so that you knew exactly what was what (tuning, guitar used, style, genre, artist, band, etc)
  6. You can view the contents of the Helix .hlx files for patches using this online site and then copy the info down and try to emulate something similar in your podgo https://dbagchee.github.io/helix-preset-viewer/
  7. Guys you are missing the point the Helix owner shouldnt need a separate piece of software (many dont do live performances and dont need OnSong) to be able to add some basic meta data to their helix patches. See screenshots from the FireHawkFX app which has these simple metadata fields that I am talking about that can easily be added on a separate tab in the HX Edit software for each patch created in the software (PC screen only / not shown on the unit itself) Simple stuff to help you remember the basics and would help those who download someone elses patches. If you get a CustomTone patch you cant go back to each customtone website link to remember which pickup or type guitar the creator used before you try it on your helix, especially if you download a BUNCH of cool patches all at once and try them later, as many of us do. This simple metadata text info fields would help to solve that issue See 2 screen caps below that Line6 uses already for the patches on the Amplifi/FirehawkFX cloud of patches
  8. The program most people use (so Ive heard) is called "OnSong" https://onsongapp.com/ lots of videos available online in how to do it
  9. Are you sure? but is that info SEARCHABLE, not just free form text, but actual discrete fields that are searchable by not just the patch creator but ANYONE that uses/downloads that patch?? if not thats not what we are talking about We are talking about metadata with multiple different fields. Line6 knows what this is a they did it for Amplifi/FirehawkFX patches and are REQUIRED fields to be input BEFORE you are able to upload them to the cloud, so that others can find patches more easily, since those users DONT have the application we have in HX Edit and have to use an app instead to find patches and they dont use CustomTone but have their own ecosystem but this metadata feature IS a good part of that system
  10. For Photographers here , like myself, who use Lightroom to edit their images, you know that the application is a catalog and you can add a BUNCH of metadata to any image, like: ISO, f-stop, shutter speed, camera used, lens used, focal length, GPS data, date, time, keywords, etc etc, and you can search for ANY image in your catalog to find any image in a few seconds!! this is exactly how we need it to be for the Helix, where we can find ANY of our patches using this metadata tied to each patch like: Artist, Band, Album, Song, guitar, pickup type, pickup selector setting, genre, amp used, efx used, etc etc. This is exactly what they already have setup in the cloud for the tones for the Amplifi and the Firehawk FX since there is no custom tone like we have for Helix. This was very helpful to find patches very quickly. This would be VERY helpful. And since its just metadata its just like a text file so it would take up VERY little space to the .hlx file or have a sidecar file which is the same name as the patch but a (patchname-xxx).hlt (helix text file) or whatever Line6 wants it to be. this should not be a difficult thing and you can have a separate tab on the menu screen so you pull up a patch to see the signal chain and hit a different tab to enter/view all the keywords/metadata
  11. Please vote on this over on ideascale so they add it down the road. We are already getting the meters in v2.9 so dont worry this is easy to implement and wont take away from anything else they are working on: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Preset-Note-text-field/871902-23508
  12. They arent talking about those kind of notes. the notes would be just like on the Firehawk Remote app for all poatches uploaded to their patch cloud, when you have to input the guitar type (strat, gibson, es355, etc), pickup type (humbucker, single coild, active, passive, etc), pickup setting (bridge, middle, neck, etc) as well as artist, song, band, etc for what its supposed to be emulating tone/sound wise. this would in be HD Edit only not on the actual Helix floor or LT, etc small screen
  13. You only need to have the txt info in HX Edit not on the actual unit as thats where its important to know when importing or "testing out" patches you download from others on the internet or ones you made youself.
  14. Yes this would be great. We have this feature on the Firehawk FX for all the cloud patches uploaded by users. Many times the only way to know what guitar, pickup type, artists or band the patch was made to emulate, is to watch a video IF the custom tone page even has that info but many times once you downloaded hundreds of hlx patches from all over the internet (and maybe even renamed them) you will have NO IDEA which patch is for what so I think this would be VERY helpful to have a tab in HX Edit for that info for Guitar Type, Pickup Selection (Bridge, Middle, Neck, etc), Artists, Band, Song etc etc etc just like its setup on the Firehawk Remote app for the uploaded patches/tones. Dont see how this could be so hard to implement. Was this added to an IdeaScale request yet? if so where so iI can vote for it ASAP. thanks
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