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  1. kinglerxt

    Performer tones

    Which ones are your faves of the artists tones??
  2. Never mind. Its working now. I shut off the helix LT and rebooted my pc and then started the process over again (fearing a bricked unit by stopping the process) and it finally gave the update progress bar after a few seconds.. phew. Not fun. Don't know what happened the first time. I didn't do anything wrong or opposite the instructions.
  3. Help. I updated my HXEdit software from 2.91 to 3.0 manually and then backed up my stuff and then tried to update my Helix LT to 3.0 firmware using the HX edit update process but it's been stuck on the message "initializing firmware installation" at the bottom of HX EDIT software screen and the message "update message server started" on the LT hardware for over 50 minutes now with no changes and no progress bar to show me if its frozen or not. Helix LT buttons lit up are top row: A - bright RED Bottom row: A- light orange B - Bright Blue C - Bright orange D - Bright blue TAP - FLASHING RED any ideas how long it takes? Or did it freeze??? What now ???
  4. agree in manufacturing its called "Mistake Proofing" or in Japanese quality terms: Poke-Yoke
  5. You need to follow the instructions as per Line 6's v3.0 release notes to be able to get the artists setlists as they didnt want to overwrite everyones setlists and make everyone mad. Its not "on" by default.. you need to save your own setlists, then make your Helix go back to default mode to install them, and then you add back in your own saved setlists to open slots. See instructions below (taken from their release notes): " Artist Presets IMPORTANT! Because we never want to overwrite your own presets, upgrading to 3.0 does NOT automatically make these presets visible; you will need to manually restore them. Restoring factory setlists and presets will completely overwrite your own, so make sure they're backed up first! TIP: With Helix Floor/Rack/LT/Native, if you want to keep both your presets and the latest factory presets, back up your custom presets as setlists and after the procedure below, drag your setlists onto unused setlist locations. Make sure you've backed up your presets and turn off Helix/HX. Perform the following procedure: Helix Floor/LT: While holding footswitches 7 and 8 (two leftmost switches on the bottom row), turn on Helix Floor/LT. Wait for "Will restore..." to appear and let go Helix Rack/Control: While holding knobs 3 and 4 (two middle knobs below the screen), turn on Helix Rack. Wait for "Will restore..." to appear and let go Helix Native: Click the gear icon in the lower left corner, click the Presets/IRs tab, and click "Restore Factory Setlists" Helix 3.0 includes factory presets created by the following artists: Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native [FACTORY 1 setlist] 13B-14C—Fish (Christina Aguilera) 14D—Jeff Waters (Annihilator) 15A, 15B—Richie Castellano (Blue Öyster Cult) 15C—Robbie Calvo 15D—Ryan "Fluff" Bruce (Dragged Under) 16A-16D—Felix Martin 17A—Mario Quintaro (Spotlights) 17B, 17C—Bumblefoot (Sons of Apollo) 17D, 18A—Billy Sheehan (Sons of Apollo, Winery Dogs) 18B—Andy Abad (Jennifer Lopez) 18C-19B—Misha Mansoor (Periphery) 19C—Duke Erikson (Garbage) 19D—Steve Marker (Garbage) 20A—Eric Avery (Garbage) 20B—Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) 20C—John Browne (Monuments) 20D—Olly Steele (Monuments) 21A—Jon Button (The Who) 21B—Trev Lukather (Levara) 21C—Steve Howe (Yes) 21D—Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) 22A—Pete Thorn 22B—Rhett Shull 22C—Jade Puget (A.F.I.) 22D, 23A—Jeff Schroeder (The Smashing Pumpkins) 23B—Graham Coxon (Blur) 23C, 23D—Chris Buck 24A—Lewis Allen (Sam Smith) 24B-25A—Rabea Massaad 25B—Soren Andersen 25C—Devin Townsend 25D—Nathan Navarro Vernon Reid 27B—Philip Bynoe 27C, 27D—Markus Reuter HX Effects 12A-12D—Julien Baker 13A—Sarah "Noveller" Lipstate 13B, 13C—Steve Stevens "
  6. Here is one that has been around for a while but maybe hasnt been updated in a while:
  7. Congrats. Im still putting off updating my LT due to all the horror stories Ive read about. I dont play that much and I can wait ;0
  8. Snapshots wouldnt work for you? you can turn on/off a zillion things and change a zillion parameters between snapshots.
  9. The idea is that not just the patch creator but also the person who downloaded the patch could edit the metadata (especially if the creator didnt enter in any metadata) so that you knew exactly what was what (tuning, guitar used, style, genre, artist, band, etc)
  10. You can view the contents of the Helix .hlx files for patches using this online site and then copy the info down and try to emulate something similar in your podgo
  11. Guys you are missing the point the Helix owner shouldnt need a separate piece of software (many dont do live performances and dont need OnSong) to be able to add some basic meta data to their helix patches. See screenshots from the FireHawkFX app which has these simple metadata fields that I am talking about that can easily be added on a separate tab in the HX Edit software for each patch created in the software (PC screen only / not shown on the unit itself) Simple stuff to help you remember the basics and would help those who download someone elses patches. If you get a CustomTone patch you cant go back to each customtone website link to remember which pickup or type guitar the creator used before you try it on your helix, especially if you download a BUNCH of cool patches all at once and try them later, as many of us do. This simple metadata text info fields would help to solve that issue See 2 screen caps below that Line6 uses already for the patches on the Amplifi/FirehawkFX cloud of patches
  12. The program most people use (so Ive heard) is called "OnSong" lots of videos available online in how to do it
  13. Are you sure? but is that info SEARCHABLE, not just free form text, but actual discrete fields that are searchable by not just the patch creator but ANYONE that uses/downloads that patch?? if not thats not what we are talking about We are talking about metadata with multiple different fields. Line6 knows what this is a they did it for Amplifi/FirehawkFX patches and are REQUIRED fields to be input BEFORE you are able to upload them to the cloud, so that others can find patches more easily, since those users DONT have the application we have in HX Edit and have to use an app instead to find patches and they dont use CustomTone but have their own ecosystem but this metadata feature IS a good part of that system
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