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  1. kinglerxt

    Helix II

    Please no not yet....I just bought my Helix LT. Dont need buyers remore for a while :)
  2. Do you have a video showing this. never heard of such an issue. Perhaps submit a ticket to Line6 to get some help to resolve it good luck
  3. I dont believe so. In hardward only edit mode (by holding down the Up and Down arrow buttons) you can only access AMP / CAB / PEQ and then COMP / DRV / MOD / DLY / REV . So only the Chorus can be changed for type and settings using the hardware foot buttons only (without the app). Since the Noise Gate is "pre-built" / standard already in the signal chain and they dont let you change the location to put it anywhere else but at the from (on the app) or many settings (in the app only) it does not show up on the hardware in floor edit mode. Sorry See bottom of page 13 and top of page 14 for "Live Edit Mode" info on the Pilots Guide: https://bit.ly/2Lqlpli
  4. If you watch the Jason Sadites Helix videos for creating tones, he always has a LA Studio compressor at the end of the chain to blend the signal and make it just like they do in an actual studio.
  5. Sadly after the initial 3 updates in 2015 there has only been 1 firmware updates for the Firehawk FX!!! and they are usually many months apart. Here is the update history log info: v1.01.00 5/6/15 v1.10.00 5/26/15 - 20 days v1.20.00 9/29/15 - 4 months v1.30.00 5/1/17 - 1 year 8 months!! as a fellow FHFX owner, I really wish they didnt do this to those of us who paid our hard earned $ and cant afford $1k on a Helix At the time I bought it (very late in the product life) I had no clue they wouldnt add any more updates. Sad but true..... Come on Line 6 at least 1 more update for SOMETHING!???
  6. How do you like your Yamaha DBR10 with the Firehawk FX?
  7. Please verify this issue/ bug so I can submit a support ticket as needed to correct. While going thru the list of all the Effects Available for the Firehawk in the PDF file you can get online, I noticed that the icons are switched when compared to the Icons for the 2 effects on the Firehawk Remote App. The 2 icons in question are : 1) the Seismik Synth. On the FH Remote app the icon shows a BROWN pedal with 2 knobs but on the Effects list pdf file it shows the icon of the Clean Sweep which is a blue/silver colored pedal. 2) The Clean Sweep. On the FH Remote app the icon shows a Blue/Silver colored pedal but on the Effects list pdf file it shows a Brown 2 knob pedal of the Seismik Synth. Im not sure which is the correct / intended color of each of these pedals but the reference document and the App should match to not add any confusion. See pg 7 of 9 of the attached PDF file left hand side column and see attached screen capture of the Firehawk FX app (Android Version version 1.30.2) Please verify. See attached PDF file here: firehawk-effects-models.pdf
  8. If you mean the stock ones that are built in, just overwrite them with your own. If you want to back them up first in case you ever want to get them back, save them to your cloud in my tones, at least for the ones you like.
  9. Hook the BeatBuddy up to a separate PA or speaker or use it after the Firehawk output so you dont color the sound of your drums.
  10. This article might help you with the comparison of products: https://guitargearfinder.com/guides/comparing-line-6s-multi-effects-pedals/
  11. Be sure to check out this YouTube videos showing a fix for the way toe switch issue. I couldnt almost never engage my wah until I did this repair/fix on mine. Hard to believe but its almost a must if you need to use the wah:
  12. I still want one of you guys to show us a Line6 (or other user) video on youtube where they actually used a PC editor to change the tones/parameters. If you did your research and never found such a video online, why now after purchasing a FHFX are you expecting it to have a PC editor when one was never advertised or shown on a training/marketing or tutorial vid?! Yes I agree it would be NICE to have a PC editor in addition to the iOS/Android editor but it was never marketed/sold as having one. There is never a perfect device, unless you are on the development team and put your own input to the design/features and even then your ideas get shot down due to price/limits on what you can/cant do. im sure there would have been added cost of hardware/software/R&D and that would increase the price of the FHFX and as such would not let it be so sellable at the <$500 price range, which is attractive and beat the competition. lots of stuff for L6 to have to consider and sadly some things had to go/get left out. but yes there will always be things we wish it had. I agee there is a LOT of gap/holes in between the FHFX and the Helix LT and Helix. The last 2 I think are over my head and too expensive as Im only a home hobbyist guitar player. We all wish our lower unit had some of the cool features of the next higher model units but they dont and there is a reason why. ALL mfg do this to try and up-sell you. cars/tvs/receivers, etc its nothing new.
  13. Yup I just completed this mod today and it helps a LOT to be able to switch the Wah ON/OFF. It also helps if you had issues trying to calibrate your volume pedal and couldnt get past step 2 in the process because you couldnt activate/press/turn on the toe switch that is required. Takes 10 mins most. Hardest part is cutting the little piece of plastic to the correct size. I was lucky and got it right the first time. Used an old Amazon plastic gift card and cut it into a square the right width and then snipped at 45 degree angles on each corner to make an approximate octagon. A perfect circle would have been pretty hard to do. covered it with tape and it works great. Much easier to activate the switch now.
  14. I believe that the guys over at Beat Buddy/Singular Sound are in the final stages of releasing their own Loop Pedal and supposedly it will MIDI sync the time beats with the Beat Buddy pedal (just like the ditto x4 can but better hopefully). I just got a Beat Buddy and its great for having a drum track (which you can customize) to play along with. I sent my RC-3 loop station back until the loop issue is resolved with either the ditto x4 or Singular comes out with theirs and its proven to work
  15. Most everyone on the FH community says the looper on the FH sucks and is unuseable due to its limitations. Would be better to go out and get a Boss or TC Electronics or other external looper pedal and put it in the EFX of the FHFX to get a real looper if you need to use it more than 5% of the time. They really skimped on the basic looper features.
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