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  1. great ... here it is http://voigts.de/helix-preset-viewer/ a lot to do still. like fitting long paths on screen, setting the split points correctly and lining up the parallel blocks. hoping to get a lot done this weekend.
  2. hi, i was wondering if you guys/gals could help my with a little project. i needed a helix preset viewer to manually convert some floor/lt presets to my hx stomp. unfortunately hx edit would not take these presets, so made a little online viewer. it is pretty basic right now, but it works, and pretty much does, what i need it to. layout/formatting of the blocks is not really pretty right now and parallel routing is not represented in the layout (splitting blocks are displayed though). i wanted to ask, if it is ok to post the url here for you to test the tool. i could need the feedback ;) please let me know. thanks
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