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  1. Triryche

    Amp blocks

    You can only have one amp block, the Firehawk does not have dual signal paths.
  2. Triryche

    HD300 additional amp models

    Which additiona; AMP models?
  3. I honestly don't know. I'm in the process of migrating to Win10 from 7.
  4. Unless you paid for a separate POD Farm and/or POD Farm 2 license, you likely only have a hardware enabled POD Farm license. Try running PF1.
  5. How are you monitoring when you record?
  6. No worries!! Not an idiot, just new.
  7. Also, if your speakers are connected to your Helix, and you want to monitor your wet tone from the Helix, typically you would leaving Monitoring off in your DAW.
  8. That's bizzare. I just tried, it defaults to United States. Maybe try from someone elses house?
  9. Triryche

    Routing L / R to Different Paths?

    I'm pretty sure that was a feature request, but yeah, that would be more intuitive.
  10. Triryche

    Routing L / R to Different Paths?

    Unless I'm misuderstanding, I think this is what you are looking for, p30 of the current manual.
  11. Triryche

    No stereo input? Why?

    Actually the input is stereo, if you feed it stereo.
  12. Triryche

    Routing L / R to Different Paths?

    Have a look at discrete stereo processing in the manual, it might be what you’re looking for.
  13. Triryche

    POD Studio GX recording

    That should not be a problem then.
  14. Triryche

    POD Studio GX recording

    That's what I figured, not sure the GX would be better with that aspect, with the exception of you could monitor wet POD Farm tones directly from the GX and add your plug-ins post processing.