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  1. Triryche

    registering second pod ux2

    Also if you did not purchase PF, typically the red Toneports will enable PF1 standalone and no plug-in and the black POD Studios PF2 standalone and plug-in.
  2. Triryche

    Line 6 POD HD PRO X

    I would open a support ticket with Line6. When do you get the BSOD? As soon as you select the Line6 ASIO driver in Reaper? In the meantime, try different USB ports. Also make sure your video card chipset drivers are up to date.
  3. Triryche

    Pod Hd Pro X Recording issues

    Lower the gain on the Scarlett or use the POD HD as your interface via USB.
  4. Triryche

    Presets Won't Load

    If you have a red-faced Toneport chances are you are entitled to only the POD Farm 1 hardware enabled license.
  5. You could try different USB ports, in the meantime open a support ticket with Line6
  6. Is this a USB mic? The UX2 does not inerface directly with USB mics.
  7. Which PF license do you have?
  8. Not a Mac guy, but maybe this applies to your situation.
  9. Go to the downloads page. https://line6.com/software/ Run the License Manager to authorize your add-ons.
  10. Unfortunately not, right now just trying going thru thre process of elimination.
  11. This is a case where you would try the installer file outside of Monkey.
  12. Do you have access to a Windows maching to try USB? If you do get a MIDI to USB, made sure you get a decent one with a return policy. I've seen users report issues with some of the cheap ones.
  13. Just for clarification, you already tried a USB cable?