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  1. The asterisk indicates the patch has changed and not yet save. So something is changing the patch. Are you doing any MIDI functions?
  2. How are you monitoring the Helix? You should have monitors or headphones plugged directly into the Helix. It is possible to monitor with your laptop speakers but that is not optimal.
  3. Triryche

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    Cool. Glad you got it sorted!!
  4. Triryche

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    I would try the Win7 version.
  5. Triryche

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    In the drop down for All software there is POD Farm (with no 1 after it) that is what replaced Gearbox. Any model packs you purchased you own and will be able to use them with a GX, UX1, UX2, PODxt, and PODxt Live. The nice thing about PF2 it also comes with the PF2 plug-in.
  6. Triryche

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    Can you attach a screenshot?
  7. Triryche

    toneport ux2 for podcasts

    POD Farm 1 replaces Gearbox. The trial version you currently have is for POD Farm 2. Install POD Farm 1 and you should have any add-ons you already purchased. When you say 2nd channel are you referring to path B?
  8. You cannot select an input in the VST. The input is the track in your DAW you inseted the VST on.
  9. Dumb question - plugging guitar directly to the AMP works?
  10. Triryche

    Pod Farm 2 VST license

    You're welcome. Just for clarification, another Line6 expert reminded me that the X3 will definitely have a PF1 hardware enabled license. But there may have been a promo with Line6 offering PF2 towards the end of the X3 product life cycle. But if you are pretty sure you were able to run the VST without the X3 it may be you do have a PF2 upgraded license. You can check here: https://line6.com/account/
  11. Not sure I ever heard of needing this to run the UX1. Either way you may need these for thing not related to Line6. Have you tried directly downloading and running the driver installer without using Monkey?