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  1. Very easy to setup. There UX2 has 4 sends available to Reaper (you may need to enable all of them in Reaper). In the PF standalone mixer view you can choose what what to send on the 4 sends. For guitar I typically arm two stereo tracks to record. L/R wet on one (to serve as a reference to the tone I was going for) and L/R dry on the other. I then add pulg-ins to the dry track post processing. Just for clarification, I am not processing any VST's on the tracks that I am recording while recording.
  2. The iPad is not supported. Some of the other Line6 devices can connect with a camera kit, but I don't think the UX1 is one of them. You could submitt a support ticket or give costumer service a call for an official answer.
  3. You need to monitor the wet thru PF standalone while you capture the dry, or wet and dry in your DAW. Then add you plug-ins after you already recorded.
  4. Can you describe a bit more on "it never fully opens"?
  5. Is this a new unit? Have you run the Line6 Monkey?
  6. Is the noise present with no cable plugged into the GX and with out your plug-ins?
  7. I'm pretty sure you can sell it. It's the other way that is an issue. If you purchased a discounted Helix Native license from a qualifying purchase, you have to wait at least six months before you can sell your hardware. If you sell prior ot that you would need to pay the difference or your license would be de-authorized.
  8. Have you checked your guitar and cable on an amp to confirm they work?
  9. You could try running it in compatibility mode. What Line6 interface do you have?
  10. Are you trying to connect headphones or powered speakers?
  11. Are they effects that you don't have in your current version of PF? PF that comes with the UX1 typically does not have all the models authorized. Likely they are from the FX Junkie Model Pack add on.
  12. Depending on your amp you may need a dummy jack plugged into the front to active your FX Loop.
  13. You can accomplish this with the Helix Stomp. You can record a DI and processed signal simultaneously and also re-amp the DI with the Stomp (even without Helix Native). But it does have less DSP and blocks compared to the floor units. The Helix FX will not fit your needs, it is effects only and no USB recording.
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