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  1. POD Farm tone algorithms run independent of a computer in the xt , X3 and AMPLIFi series hardware (and some in the Firehawk line). The GX an UX hardware also run PF but need a Computer for processing.
  2. By in the box, do you mean standalone hardware or with a computer?
  3. Triryche

    newbie help please

    You need the Line6 Workbench interface, they come in a few forms, but it is not a regular you can purchase. You could try e-bay of Full Compas.
  4. Triryche

    pod ux1 is not getting input

    If you are plugging into the front instrument input, you will need to select Instrument form the dropdown not Line Stereo.
  5. Are you launching PF standalone or the plug-in within your DAW (or both)? The POD Studio GX comes with a hardware enabled PF2 plug-in license. You are likely recording the dry signal so when the GX is disconnected the plug-in is not authorized. There are a few thing you can do. First I would recommend capturing both the dry and wet signal simultaneously to two different tracks. The wet signal can serve as a reference for the tone you were going for and the dry signal can be re-amped with the PF2 plug-in post processing. And if you nailed it the first time the wet track you recorded will not need to GX to be plugged in.
  6. Triryche

    Can you make your guitar sound like a bass..?

    If it's just for recording and you're using a DAW, have you consider using a Bass VSTi ?
  7. Triryche

    Firehawk FX very low volume

    You need an amp!! You cannot power a cab without some type of power amp.
  8. You need to connect your speakers and/or headphones directly tto the UX1.
  9. Triryche

    Quick question about Helix edit app vs Helix Native

    No. HX Edit is not a DAW, it is an editor for HX hardware and cannot run Native.
  10. Yes, if you want to run it as a standalone with the UX2 and/or other ASIO hardware.
  11. Do you use iLok for other softaware licenses? The reason I ask, is usually you are better of purchasing the hardware independent version of POD Farm. Also the iLok version is for the plug-in only.
  12. The ideal configuration is to use the PODxt as your audio interface (sounddcard). So you would connect your monitoring solution directly to the PODxt. Depending on your workflow, you may want to get a mixer so you can route you PODxt , PC, and whatever else to the mixer and output to your monitors/headphones. If you plan on recording you definitely should not use you PC’s soundcard.
  13. Triryche

    Problem with UX1

    Did you run the License Manager?