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  1. I can't speak to the GX. For the UX2 there are 4 sends, L/R for each tone path. You may need to use the instrument input for the clean guitar signal. So inputs could be guitar and Line1.
  2. You'd be better off investing in a pair of powered studio monitors. Sorry, I have no recommendation on wireless headphones. But if you're wanting to record I would recommend investing in a pair of studio headphones.
  3. Yes. Enable dual tone. In the mixer view set Tone A to Line1 and Tone B to Line2 and configure your sends. Then insert 2 tracks in Cubase and configure to capture the appropriate sends.
  4. Download the Line6 ASIO driver and select that in Reaper. In Reaper the last input should be 4 if you want to capture L/R dry and L/R wet (to 2 separate tracks). In the mixer view of PF or the Line6 AudioMIDI control panel you need to configure your sends for wet and/or dry. ASIO4ALL is fairly useless these days expect as a last resort.
  5. I won’t be able to access google docs until later. Audacity does not support ASIO drivers out of the box due to Steinberg licensing. You can compile Audacity to support ASIO (google Audacity ASIO), but the easier option IMHO is try a DAW that supports ASIO out of the box. Reaper is free to try and cheap to buy. With the proper Line6 ASIO drivers you will have 4 sends available to record, 2 Dry and 2 Wet. I typically capture all 4 then add the PF plug-in to the dry track post processing.
  6. Unless you have a pro-audio soundcard designed for pro-audio production, using your pc as the output is virtually junk. Also, in the pc world, audio interfaces relay on ASIO drivers that run at the hardware level. So your device, in this case the POD Go, needs to be both the Input and Output device. There are work arounds, but the results are typically garbage.
  7. You may be recording only the dry signa. Can you post a sound clip of the low recording?
  8. I would recommend investing in an external mixer and connect your monitors to it. Doesn't need to be fancy. That way you won't have to swap your monitors back and forth between your pc and other devices.
  9. Please open a support ticket or call Line6 cs.
  10. It's a legacy item, so I personally would not invest in it. ASIO4ALL is more of a workaround driver if you cannot find the manufactures driver for your OS.
  11. So you specifically do not want to use the TT as your interface? If that is the case and you want stereo just run the the L & R outs to you Focusrite, but you are introducing an extra A/D D/A conversion.
  12. Yes. You would just use the POD Go, no need to use the Lexicon.
  13. PF2 should work as a plug-in in your DAW if the UX2 is connected and recognized. To use PF2 standalone with a non-Line6 interface would require the hardware independent license.
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