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  1. Triryche

    Is the Amplifi Cloud still there?

    Did a quick test seems to be fine. Try logging out and back in via the app.
  2. Triryche

    Pod Farm 2.56 Error 80007007

    Check if there are any Cubse updates. Also try a fresh project.
  3. That’s pretty much correct. I wasn’t sure if you were switching to something else during playback. Not sure, but the volume (not master) control may affect the input level. Also, when playing back try turning down the output volume of Cubase. But if your end goal is to record something to be played back on something other than your Spider, you may want to monitor the Spider’s headphones out with headphones or studio monitors.
  4. Are you monitoring with the Spider or studio monitors/headphones?
  5. Triryche

    Helix Native vs Amp Farm 4

    geebake - my reply was based on your orginal post. BTW, originally AMP FARM wasn’t seen as more DAW centric, it was pretty much DAW exclusive.
  6. Triryche

    Helix Native vs Amp Farm 4

    Yes, more plug-ins equals better musician!! JK One major reason which I assume doesn’t apply to you since you’re asking is AMP FARM 4.0 is backwards compatible with older Pro Tools sessions using AMP Farm. Some other reasons may be that you find some new tones you like and can’t dial in with the Helix, you’ve used it in the past and like the workflow, you like to hoard plug-ins…
  7. They are not interchangeable, different algorithms.
  8. Triryche

    POD 2 Won't share!

    Are you using PF2 stand alone with a Line6 device?
  9. What are you selecting in Reaper as the inout/output device?
  10. Don't you mean the lack of irony!! LOL That is bizarre!!
  11. What DAW are you using? Are you recording via USB? Is the HD up to date with the latest FW and drivers?
  12. Maybe the USB port isn't working after the new MB install. Do you have anoither device you can try or a different USB port?
  13. Triryche

    do i need to purchase 2 licenses ......?

    No, you can have up to 4 simultaneous authorizations.
  14. I would call Line6 for an official answer. In the past the model packs were compatible with both PF1 and PF2. As for add-ons for vocals, I would see what you can tweak with the exsisting models. Some of the pre-amps may suite your needs.