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  1. Are they effects that you don't have in your current version of PF? OF that comes with the UX1 typically does not have all the models authorized. Likely they are from the FX Junkie Model Pack add on.
  2. Depending on your amp you may need a dummy jack plugged into the front to active your FX Loop.
  3. You can accomplish this with the Helix Stomp. You can record a DI and processed signal simultaneously and also re-amp the DI with the Stomp (even without Helix Native). But it does have less DSP and blocks compared to the floor units. The Helix FX will not fit your needs, it is effects only and no USB recording.
  4. You need to open the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices control panel, it is installed when you install POD Farm. Check the Line6 folder on the in the Win Start menu or type it in the search.
  5. When you tried different PC's did you install the drivers?
  6. If it is for POD Farm they are compatible. Depending on what you want for model packs you might want to consider PF Platinum, which gives you everything in PF.
  7. To phil's point, you may be able to use your Focusrite and run PF as a plug-in (UX2 connected to authorize) in your DAW and monitor in real time.
  8. I’m not a Mac guy, but it is my understanding that Helix is current partial compatible with Catalina. It will work a s a class compliant audio device but the custom driver is currently not supported. Seeing as Helix is their flagship processor I would assume a fix is a priority. https://line6.com/support/announcement/98-macos-1015-catalina-compatibility/
  9. The Helix can definitely do what you want. You can also use the Helix to “reamp” your recorded dry signal. Also the purchase of a Helix floor will let you purchase Helix Native for $99. Helix Native is a plug-in version of the Helix so you would be able to reamp without the Helix Hardware (or use the plug-in on any recorded signal). One possible con beside price. The Helix is (IMHO) a pretty powerful and flexible piece of gear which results in somewhat of a learning curve for some users. Fortunately the Helix forum and the official Helix FB are very active with lots of helpful users.
  10. It's not really the intended use for an ASIO device. For a work around connect the UX2 phones out to your PC line in.
  11. Are you selecting Instrument as your input in POD Farm (mixer view)?
  12. I would do some research on using OSB (which I am not familiar with) with an ASIO device. But an easy work around my to connect the UX2 headphone out to you PC's line in.
  13. The standard license does not have all the models. You can upgrade to Platinum which has everything or purchase separate Model Packs.
  14. Did a quick test seems to be fine. Try logging out and back in via the app.
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