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  1. PF2 should work as a plug-in in your DAW if the UX2 is connected and recognized. To use PF2 standalone with a non-Line6 interface would require the hardware independent license.
  2. You can use it without PF but you still need the drivers. You can configure it via the Line6 Audio-MIDI control panel to send audio to your DAW. You could also use PF and have an empty signal path. Regarding Audacity, you may get better results is you compile it to include ASIO (it's a Steinberg licensing thing, Google it). The A/D D/A take place in the Toneport.
  3. Triryche

    Pod Go Amp Out

    Actually it does specify in the manual on p. 6 that it is unbalanced and mono.
  4. As far as I know the PF wet signal is routed to your interface's main outs and to is available to any software that accepts an ASIO input. I did a quick ASIO to WASAPI search, looks like there may be some options, hopefully one of them will work for you.
  5. I thought just occurred to me, there is a driver called ASIO4ALL that I used a long time ago for a DAW that did not support ASIO.
  6. But that's how ASIO interfaces work. The wet and dry signals from PF should be available to any program that uses ASIO. If you are able to capture a wet signal from PF in your DAW then, then PF is working properly with the UR22. Does bandhug have an active forum? I'm willing to bet you're not the only one try to do this.
  7. You need to connect your headphones or powered speakers directly to the FX100. That's the proper way to use a USB audio interface. You could try selecting "Listen to this device" in Windows sound settings, going thru your pc and then BT, you will likely have too much latency.
  8. I can't check currently, but in Win7 there was an option in the sound control panel to check a box Listen to this device, which would make the audio from an interface available to Windows via the USB connection. I'm assuming there is an equivalent in Win10. But if there is, you may have the same issue as when you tried the analog connection.
  9. Are you able to record to the site with Reaper? If so you could use the plug-in as Phil suggested.
  10. I’m not sure if the trial version functions differently. When you use the trial do you need to select your UR22 in PF? If so anything you do in PF standalone should be available from the UR22 ASIO. Does the trial version include the plug-in?
  11. I'm guessing your speakers are connected to the UR22? You could connect the UR22 headphone out to your PC line in. If you want stereo you will need a TRS connection on both ends of the cable and if you use a 1/4" to 1/8" adopter it will need to be the TRS version. Here's an example of 1/4" to 1/8' cable with no need for an adopter. https://www.amazon.com/TISINO-Stereo-Cable-Nylon-Interconnect/dp/B083R58TLJ Or you could run the UR22 L/R outs to the PC line in with a cable like this, but if your speakers are connected to the UR22 swapping cables back and forth gets annoying. https://www.amazon.com/TISINO-Stereo-Y-Splitter-Cable-Breakout/dp/B083R59ZNL
  12. Did you purchase a hardware independent version of PF2? What are you recording with?
  13. Assuming you have a UX1 or UX2, a workaround would be to plug your mic into the Line6 interface and the line out(s) or headphone out to the UR22.
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