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  1. hey guys, the new Windows 10 drivers were just released by Line6, everything is working on my end, you should all go to the driver d-load page and get the update
  2. that's a good question, why don't you try it out?
  3. I play guitar cause a drum set was too big and too loud for my parents home lol, but I learned to love the guitar
  4. your audio settings, you can access it by right clicking the speaker icon on the lower right hand corner of your desktop & choosing "playback devices" or go to your control panel & click on sound, right click your audio device go into properties & then advanced
  5. yup, setting it to "16bit 48000" works, but all other options do not, & 24bit is no longer even optional, gives an error saying the device doesn't support it...i was able to use 24bit before. i had opened a support ticket for this, hope they answer back soon so i can show them this thread if they don't know about it already & get a fix out here soon
  6. i have a Toneport Ux1...i tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers too, no dice
  7. anyone else having problems with sound on Win10?? I have the latest drivers installed which are supposed to work, Windows even says the device is working properly in Device Manager, but I get no sound. If i go into sound properties to test the device it gives out an error "Failed to play sound test" there's nothing wrong with my PC or speakers, audio works fine with the onboard sound card, I also tried disabling the onboard sound card in case it was causing a conflict but still same results, no audio.
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