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  1. Spec-wise yes. Sonically, only you can answer that, but the majority would agree the Helix tones are far superior.
  2. It does not show up as a model pack in edit. But you should have new models. Look to see if you have access to amp models that come with the Metal pack. Also if you power cycle the POD you should see it as an installed pack on the splash screen.
  3. Then you likely had an option selected that has Windows listen to the device.
  4. The UX typically should not go thru your pc speakers. You nee to connect headphone or powered speakers directly to the UX.
  5. Check the level in your DAW of the dry track that you're feeding back to the POD Go.
  6. I don't recall off hand if the POD X3 has a limiter. But a compressor is typically more dynamic than a limiter. Also a compressor with a very high ration may behave like a limiter depending on the model. The POD X3 should have a hardware enabled PF license which gives you all the model backs available and I think the plug-in license.
  7. What are you trying to accomplish? The UX2 can act as a MIDI thru device via USB to send commands to PF. From the manual: MIDI Controller Hardware The POD Farm 2 Plug-In and standalone application both support the use of external MIDI controller devices to remotely access most parameters. You can use any MIDI controller device that is capable of transmitting MIDI CC, Note-On, Pitch Bend and/or Bank & Program Change messages to access POD Farm 2 functions. If you have a Line 6 UX2, UX8 or KB37, then you can utilize the MIDI controller features of these devices with POD Farm 2, as described in the device sections that follow. Link to manual: PF2 Manual
  8. Yes that is the cable. You're KB is stereo so just duplicated one mono channel you are missing half the sound. Do you have Line outs on the KB or just the Headphone out?
  9. Actually the UX2 has 2 Line Ins. Create a dual tone blank patch and select Line1 for A and Line 2 for B and pan hard L & R. You will need the TRS to 2 X mono cable that fflbrgst mentioned.
  10. You do not need the disc. You can download everything from the site.
  11. Are you using PF standalone of plug-in? (I deleted you post that showed you sn)
  12. Idealscale is the way to go!!
  13. Helix Native is a separate software, there is no upgrade from PF2. You can try it free for 15 days. You own the packs you purchased and if you did purchase Helix Native you can still use PF. If you reach you maximum authorizations for PF you can call Line6 or open a ticket and they will reset it for you.
  14. You can use an instrument cable but you would plug it into the Line In on the Scarlett. Honestly until you get a mixer you better off just using the Stomp is likely the best approach. Also there should be no "warm up" needed.
  15. It may be the tones are using the Power Pack or Collector Classics add-ons which I do not think comes with the UX1. Or the Bass Expansion which for sure does not. Are you able to use models from your add-on bundle? If so then you know the UX1 is authorized.
  16. IMHO you would be better off adding a mixer. If you already have the Scarlett then you would just route both the HX and Scarlett to your mixer. If you do not already have the Scarlett then you could run the Mac line out to the mixer. You would not losing any recording capabilities of the HX, but you would be introducing an extra AD/DA conversion which would increase the latency. If the latency is perceptible it would be challenging to record properly.
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