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  1. I'd like to see something based on a Maxon OOD-9 Organic Overdrive, like a Tube Screamer without a tone control for a rhythm boost.
  2. I use an old UX1 to run PodFarm. I also have a Korg MicroKey controller that I've discovered I can't use when I use the UX1 as a soundcard with Reaper. Has anyone had similar problems with an UX?
  3. Thanks. I'll probably change it to the Uber V30 with a SM57...
  4. I haven't found any information about this: What is the Stock Cab of the Elektrik amp in Helix?
  5. Lets say I want to use an external preamp stompbox for some cleans. Would it be possible to put it through the loop of the Helix and add some reverb from that and then send it to a PA through the Out of the Helix, or do I need an amp block in the Helix? Can I set it up as a preset on the Helix?
  6. Is it possible to use for example the Preamp and Reverb plugins from PodFarm with other soundcards? I still use my UX1 for recording with PodFarm, but I want to get a Steinberg soundcard for recording vocals but I like the Preamp and Reverb plugins in PodFarm.
  7. I have a Pod Farm Platinum activation code on my present PC, I'm soon going to get a new PC, and wonder if I can use the activation code that I already have on the new PC or do I have to pay for a new code?
  8. I need 8 footswitches to switch patches. Can the Mode and Tap footswitches be used/reassigned for this like on the Helix floor?
  9. This is what I want for the Helix: TSL100 or JVM 210 OD Orange and Red patches, Bogner Ecstacy EL34 Patch, Engl Special Edition e670 el34, Marshall 1960 Cab with V30, Acoustic simulator or Tube Preamp, Micro Pog or DigiTech Mosaic.
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