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  1. I have a Pod Farm Platinum activation code on my present PC, I'm soon going to get a new PC, and wonder if I can use the activation code that I already have on the new PC or do I have to pay for a new code?
  2. I need 8 footswitches to switch patches. Can the Mode and Tap footswitches be used/reassigned for this like on the Helix floor?
  3. This is what I want for the Helix: TSL100 or JVM 210 OD Orange and Red patches, Bogner Ecstacy EL34 Patch, Engl Special Edition e670 el34, Marshall 1960 Cab with V30, Acoustic simulator or Tube Preamp, Micro Pog or DigiTech Mosaic.
  4. I just got a new computer, but my trusty old UX1 doesn't seem to work with it anymore. I plug it in, there's a red light, then it goes black. Can it be the cable, or is it the UX itself? I believe I could have stepped on the cable! I'm considering getting a new UX1 if that's the problem.
  5. It just took a long time before I finally got the E-mail from Line 6!
  6. Bought PodFarm, paid with PayPal, but can't download! I don't know what to do, please answer me!
  7. The vintage tube preamp from PodFarm, a Bogner Ecstasy patch and a 12-string acoustic simulator.
  8. Does the Memory Man effect, the "Elephant Man" function like the MM effect does in for example PodFarm?
  9. The G-Lab GSC-4 has only one Midi Out port and I wonder if I can connect the Amp's Midi In and the GSC-F's Midi Out through the Midi Through of the M9?
  10. Just decided to order a new one. I'm tired of trying things that don't work anyway. I don't need new licenses for software I already have when I order the new UX1, do I?
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