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  1. I am in need of help. I have spent the last 3 hours watching YouTube videos on how to use the HX Effects to switch channels with the EVH 50W Stealth and I have had no luck. is there anyone in this forum who uses the HX Effects with the EVH or can anyone help me step by step on what to do? I am no good with figuring out MIDI. I am sure that’s it’s fairly simple, but no matter what I have done, I cannot get the HX to switch the channels on the EVH. I am using a MIDI cable from the HX Effects to the EVH. I have highlighted the first lightning bolt, changed parameters to bank change, changed midi channel to one and changed the CC #s to 1-3 (1 - clean; 2 - rhythm channel, 3 - solo channel) it doesn’t save anything I have done either. is there anything in the global settings that o need to change? Thank you in advance. Gary
  2. Has anyone tried to run their Helix through a 6505+ yet. What cabling method have you used?
  3. I will do the Best I can to describe this. I have owned my HD 500 X for about 6 months now. A couple of months after owning it it made this low frequency type of noise. It kind of startled me so I shut everything down. When I turned everything back on, the noise went away. Now fast forward to tonight and it made the noise again. At first I did not know if it was the power amp or of the pod making the noise, but tonight I verified that it was the pod. When the noise happened, I went over to the power amp and turned it down. The noise was still present. I went back to the pod and switched the preset and the noise went away. Has anyone else experienced this? I know it's kind of hard to imagine what I'm talking about because you really have to hear the noise to understand. And the best I can tell you is that if you strummed a Drop C chord, that's kind of what it sounds like, for lack of a better explanation. This has happened twice so there is no rhyme or reason or anything that I have done that could have created the sound. Should I contact line 6 and have them look at it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. I was wondering what you guys are using for a power amp for your POD HD500X? I am running mine through a Mosvalve MV962 which I think sounds pretty rad. But I hear there are power amps out there that are specifically designed for guitar processors, such as the Matrix or the ISP Stealth. I dont think I need to change mine, but I am curious to hear what your using and how it sounds. My current HD500X set is Guitar In to POD HD500X POD HD500X out to Mosvalve Input A Mosvalve Speaker out to Peavey 2-12 120W Cab
  5. Thanks... So I stumbled across a post yesterday that really helped out. I, being a newbie to the POD HD500X still dont know of all its functions and had no idea how to enter the "set-up" menu. On page 12 of the set-up menu, it tells you what packs you have on your unit. The Metal HD Pack was not on there. So, I went and redid the whole activation process, went back, checked and it was there and is working fine now. Thanks to all who replied to this post.
  6. That, I dont know. I am at work so I will have to check when I get off.
  7. So I was just looking through the amps that are listed in the Metal HD Pack and none of them come up on my POD HD500X. The one I am really after is the big block 5150. So, I do have the following installed: Line 6 Monkey Line 6 License Manager Line 6 POD HD500X Editor Line 6 POD Metal HD Pack Followed all prompts, installed registration key and was told that the Metal HD Pack would appear in my unit. But....No Metal HD amps appear. I am fairly sure its still on my end!
  8. I assume the "splash screen" is the LCD on the POD unit? Sorry, I am still learning the lingo. I'll learn it soon :) Would it show up on my POD HD500X editor on my laptop? and Where? ​
  9. All, I just recently purchased a Line 6 POD HD500X and I love it. It has replaced my Digitech GSP1101 and I have also dialed in the sound of my 6505+ pretty closely. I also recently purchased the Metal HD Pack for the POD HD500X. I have downloaded all the required software from Line 6, entered in my product key and restarted my computer (as told to do by the instructions). When I go to my POD HD500X editor on my laptop and open the editor, the Metal HD Pack does not show up in any of the "set-lists" My account says its registered and it should automatically show up in my setlist. Can someone point me in the direction of something that I am not doing? I am still learning how to navigate the system and I am sure its something I am doing or not doing. Gary
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