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  1. Version 2.81 I followed the instructions but it didn't work first time. I bit the bullet and stopped the update. I ran it a second time and it worked ok. It may have been a loss of connection between my laptop and the rack unit. I think the first time, while the Line 6 updater was saying "update in progress" the display on the rack unit was still in normal amp mode, so I don't think the update began on the unit the first time - so the software was probably not corrupted/half installed. Anyway it worked the 2nd time :-) The loss of connection may have been something to do with trying to connect the rack unit with the HX edit software and the Updater software at the same time??
  2. Hi, How long should the 2.82 update take? My Line 6 updater is saying "installing firmware update" and "update in progress" for the last 15 mins but there is nothing happening - no sign that the update is progressing (green bar etc.). If I stop the update it may cause other problems. What should I do?? Thanks, G
  3. Hi,


    Are you a member of the Vetta Facebook group? If so can you add me? I have a request pending.


    I have a problem with my Vetta combo amp. Only showing 8 bars on the display at the moment.




    1. TheRealZap


      I am a member, but am not an admin, sorry i am unable to help. 

  4. Can someone add me to the Facebook group please? I have been pending for a few days now. Thanks.
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