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  1. On the HD500X...Which ones have better worked for you and how? I mean, how have you used them, for which styles, etc. If you want to answer, please do it, you may save some lives, including mine, haha Greetings
  2. Oh, it was for that.... Smart...Thanks for taking the time to answer
  3. I don't know why I can't upload the photo? I'm talking about that thing next to the power input. The first thing you can notice
  4. Yeah, I know. It's just I don't like the HD500X USB interface. I mean, it can solve an urgency, but I don't it gives pro results. Thanks for your comments
  5. Have anyone tried to connect a the POD HD500 / X through a 5.1 system? No matter how did you connect it. I mean, it could have been passing through an audio interface first. Just interested in the sound it would provide since 5.1 systems tend to sepparate frequencies very well and have dedicated speakers for almost all audible frequencies. Maybe a dumb question :-D but I love those kinds of questions that puts me to redefine things
  6. I would appreciate an opinion here. Right now I got $200 to spend. I got a POD HD500X. What would you recommend me to get first if you were in my sit: - An audio interface to connect the POD / record / and also hear it through my studio monitors - A powered monitor What would be priority to you? Thanks
  7. That's good too. Thanks for helping me with the settings
  8. Well, that's an agressive patch for sure, haha. Actually I was in the look for something more like reggae, you know? But it worked because I could look into the the tronUP settings and get some ideas. Was a starting point. Thanks for the patch
  9. Can I use the POD HD500X as voice processor and guitar processor at the same time? What I mean: 1 preset for the voice and a different one for the guitar? Is that possible in some way? In the case it is, could you tell me how? I can't find a way to do this, maybe is because it can't be done. Thanks
  10. OK, thanks. Settings are kind of tricky
  11. Hello guys. I might need your help here. I own the POD HD500x. I love some things, some others don't. I've always been wondering what's better, if the HD500X or the BOSS GT-100. Maybe if you don't want to answer based on term "better" you might tell me what you think about their differences / resemblances. For example, I could say I have found less than 5 decent and comfortable distorted tones for solos in L6 Custom Tone, and I have practically downloaded all of them to see. I can say there are nice clean tones. That's me refering to "distorted tones for solos", for example. There's a lot of other aspects to look too. Thanks
  12. Could anyone give me an idea about how to build a patch that includes an autowah? In other words, is there the possibility of an autowah in the HD500X? If it is, how can I configure it? Thanks
  13. I'll try to give another solution: For those who doesn't have a powered monitor or a guitar amp and only have a stereo system (temporary I hope) You could do the following: - Connect your stereo system (SS) to your PC. You might be using a RCA-1/8" cable. In other words, configure your PC to hear it through you SS. - Use the Realtek Driver (not the L6 PODHD500X driver). For me, it works better in that specific situation. - Connect your POD by using a 1/4"-1/8" cable to your computer. POD Phones Output to your PC Line input. - Open Guitar Rig (hope you have it). Create a blank preset. Configure GR this way: Use the ASIO4ALL driver. Input: Line Input. Output: Your Speakers If you might guessing you should use the Studio Direct Output in your POD, then you're right. The signal you will be sending to your PC will be the signal from your POD. It won't be proccesed by GR because you're in a blank preset. Then the sound gets more interesting. And I don't know how this happens but it worked nice for me. Now guys, I hope it won't be a definitive solution for you: "You really should get an amp". Don't trust that to build your patches. But then, it will help a few users to solve a temporary problem Hope this helps
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