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  1. Umanile


    On the last saturday I used for the first time the Helix on a live show, with my band "Tenebra". I used it as a "normal" amp, linked to a matrix power amp, then to a Sovtek cab miced! Great sound! here you can listen to it!
  2. I'm not a Matchstick owner/connoisseur, but the amp sounds pretty dimed. Some amps, when jumped and dimed, can sound a bit "phasey". Try a not "jumped" version of the model and dial the eq.
  3. Umanile

    Comparison Day!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8fxdjfvn2f6tbp/MARSHALLvsHELIX1.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgl77tu2urjqhzl/MARSHALLvsHELIX2.mp3?dl=0 (NO EQ, NO COMPRESSION, PLAYED PRETTY BADLY!) They are, obviously, not "twins", but I'm fine with this approximation! One of the two is slightly less overdriven. Which is the model, which is the "real amp"? :)
  4. Umanile

    Comparison Day!

    Today I compared two amps with the corresponding models on the Helix Rack. My 1978 Marshall JMP 50w MkII non master volume (bridged), and my BRBS Vintage Class 50watt (https://www.brbsamplification.com/vintage-class-mk2) an Italian boutique amplifier, that is a 50 watt JCM800 clone (with some personal mods). I linked the cab output of the amplifiers to a palmer PDI 03, a load box/speaker emulator, bypassing the speaker emulation and put the real "amp block" in the first helix fx loop. Then I created a preset with the corresponding models (for the Marshall a Brit Trem Jumped, for the BRBS a Brit 2204) and a FX loop block with the true amplifiers, after that i put a cab block (a mandarin cab with a sm57 and a Royer 121, and then i created two snapshots: one with the model active, and another with the true amp. After some tweaking I really managed to match the true and the model amplifiers, and they are really really close, also If I have to dial pretty different values on the modeled amplifiers. In general, the amp models sound really really bright compared to the true amplifiers, but it's pretty simple to match the two without an EQ block. I really recommend this experience, is an eye opener! The helix is fantastitc! On saturday I will have my first gig with the Helix, and I'm prette excited!
  5. Hi all! Just a quick question: is it possible to assign an expression pedal to control, for example, the volume, in a snapshot, and change the function of that very expression pedal in another snapshot, for example, a wah control?
  6. Thank you! can you help me about the "latch" activation on a preset?
  7. Hi all! It's my third day with the Helix, I'm really amazed by this unit and, until now, I was a strict analog guy! I'm still discovering the machine, but I'm really surprised with the sound quality. Anyway I still have some question for you, guys! :) - There is a way, when I change preset, to choose which snapshot will be active when I hit the preset button? - Alternatively, as in the BOSS ES-8, there's a way to "manually" choose a snapshot when I change preset? In the ES-8, when you change bank, you are still in the preset settings where you come from, all the button in the unit, now, are blinking, and the sound will change only when you tap on the desired preset button. Is it possible, on the Helix, to have a similar setup? - In a snapshot is it possible to latch activate an effect block by pressing a button on the unit? Preferably the same snapshot button? Thank you in advance. Emilio
  8. Hi all, Today is my first day with my new Helix Rack. It sounds great and I love it, but I encountered my first issue. I've got a ME SP-1 plugged on the Helix Control and I want to use it as an auto-engaging wah pedal. I put a wah block and the pedal works, but after the middle of the "swing" the wah effects peaks the 100% and after that starts to decrease: with the pedal all the way up the wah is bypassed. Anyone has the same problem? Thank you in advance. Emilio
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