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  1. this was when it was most apparent- holding chords did not have any "phaseyness" - thats' why i didn't record that - sustained single notes and two quick notes alternating created the phasey sounds. I can hear a phase shift going on in the recording - but thanks for giving it a listen. guess im crazy ;)
  2. Hi All - Just got a Helix LT and noticed the Matchstickjumped preset is really phasey - there are no effects turned on ( elephant man is not turned on) - some other presets have a bit phase going on but this one is pretty stong-is this normal? .Wav attached. Thanks for any insight 2.71.0 firmware -b PhaseyMatchstick.wav
  3. Hi - Well I went and bought one. The helix LT I have is shipped with ver 2.3 so that puts it around Dec 2017 build i would think. - Does anyone who has had pedal failure recall if their helix shipped with 2.3 or was it only earlier runs? Just trying to figure if i dodged the bad ones- thanks! -b
  4. Thanks - That's very good news and the right thing for them to do, very cool. Now to find the best price for one ;)
  5. Hi i I'm a bit confused- Is this really just a confirmed bad production run? ( so it could be avoided by making sure your serial number etc is a later one) or is there just widespread failure? I am having real concerns about going ahead with LT. I know there is a two year warranty, but I don't want to deal with that in the first place if it can be avoided. Any official word from Line 6? There are quite a lot of "LT pedal broken" search results, but nothing ( that i could see) from Line 6 themselves directly addressing it. thanks!
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