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  1. So I’m in a dilemma that I’m hoping someone can help me out with. I play in 2 metal bands that practice at separate rehearsal studios and I am looking for a second rig for the other studio so I was looking into getting the hx stomp or the helix lt but can’t decide which one would be a better fit. Since I play metal I don’t use a ton of effects but maybe if I had more options I would use them more. I mostly just use a high gain profile on my kemper, a clean profile and a lo-fi profile but to be honest the kemper Is not known for its effects so I was thinking the hx stomp might be cool to use as a second rig at the other studio and since it’s so portable I could use it with the kemper as well. The only issue is that since I use real cabinets I use power amps because my kemper is not powered and neither is the hx stomp but the hx stomp doesn’t have an xlr output to plug into my power amp however the helix lt does. Is there anyway hook the hx stomp up to my power amp without using an xlr? Would a 1/4 jack to xlr work? what I’m really getting down to is which one would you guys suggest for my situation the helix lt or the hx stomp? Would the hx stomp be a good stand alone rig if I can run it through a power amp or would it just be better to get the helix lt? Sorry for the long post. I wanted to try and be as specific as possible. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for your input cruisinon2 I really appreciate it! So I guess you can bridge both of them in mono, as for the impedance I'm not sure. I've seen a few people use the ART sla2 with an axe fx on youtube for some live stuff but wasn't able to find anyone using a Behringer.
  3. Okay so im going to purchase a line 6 pod hd pro x and I need some help on which power amp to get. I have 2 in mind, its either between the ART sla2 or the behringer inuke nu1000. The sla2 is used and comes with a road case for only 139.99 at guitar center or my other option would be to get the behringer nu1000. I would be using the power amp to power a laney 2x12 160watt guitar cabinet for practice and live shows in smaller venues. The sla2 is something like 360 brand new so i feel its a really good deal considering it also comes with a road case but I just want to get a second opinion on which one to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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