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  1. So today I had to do some H&K amp tones and noticed no H&K amp listed. So I am wondering if anyone made anything that got close and if there are plans to do H&K for the Line6 Helix amp list?
  2. What FRFR speakers are you using?
  3. Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far. That update is really going to help me out. This advice and that update are great. One day when I am better at playing I will consider getting more Helix products. This is because Line 6 is doing it right.
  4. I own the Stomp and a Mission Helix Expression Pedal. The Stomp has 6 usuable blocks. I have noticed when I purchase custom tones that often there are no fx and lots of EQ along the signal chain as well as other non-fx pedals. I find the tones can be considerably better if the 6 blocks are used for non-fx modules. So I am thinking is it worth it to get a HX Effects and get the custom tones for the full Helix or Helix LT and then use software to read those files and recreate them between the Stomp and Effects or will I still run into problems? Would I be better off just getting a Helix LT even though I already spent money on the Stomp and Expression Pedal?
  5. I think I am picking up a ground loop hum using the 4-cable method. I am going into an EVH 5150III 50W on the red channel so it's high gain stuff I am doing. When i turn off the FX Loop using the pedal the hum is weakend considerbly. When its on I am not touching the strings I get a very audible hum. When I play the hum is weakend again. Anyway I would like to clear up this hum. I have the following power conditioner which in conjunction with CIOKS DC7, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 and/or Mooer Macro Power 12 removes most of the hum I get with using other pedalboards and complex chains. So I do have a noiseless rig with these. https://www.furmanpower.com/product/10a-standard-power-conditioner-wlights-230v-M-10LX E This is my Furman Power Conditioner. M-10LX E. http://resources.nortekcontrol.com/products/M-10LX-E/pdf_M-10LX-E_datasheet.pdf It has a single IEC C14 inlet for a C13 connection. Those IEC C13 connetions are also the 10 outlets at the back. There is one C13 outlet also in the front for convenience. The HX Stomp I have came with a Connection for 9 V DC 3 A power supply. At the moment I am not connecting the HX Stomp to the Furman. It is plugged into a seperate power outlet in the wall because I do not have a simple power extension cord with an IEC connection. I am considering getting a power extension cord with the IEC connection and plugging the HX Stomp into this extension cord and that way having everything powered by the power conditioner. However it is my understanding that power extension cords are not the best way??? to go about power conditioning and I am not even sure if this will get rid of the hum. So what is my option to get rid of the hum? Will the power cord into the power conditioner be enough or will I need something else to get there?
  6. Can anyone recommend a power amp for this pathway? Preferably something just as manageable as the Helix.
  7. Sorry I am not so clear on this. In the Helix Stomp if I select an amp, isn't that automatically using power amp emulation? So isn't it just line out from the Stomp to the input on these passive cab 12" FRFR setups?
  8. I take it that I don't need to use a power amp in addition to the Helix to get there? Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I know this is all cutting edge stuff as a few years ago the answer was generally 'no' but it seems things are changing up a bit.
  9. I have a powered FRFR. Headrush. I have some nice custom cabs basically. This is what I am talking about doing...
  10. Hello, I would like to be able to put a 12" FRFR speaker into my guitar cabinet and take out the 16 Ohm speaker in there. I have heard about the Celestion F12-X200. I have read a bit about the Eminence BETA-12cx and the Delta 12A. There is something called the the box Speaker 12-280/8-A from Germany and also the Kemper Kone (which I can't get here). Are there are others I should know about? Which of those would you get? I know it's subjective but maybe there is something recommend for a Helix Stomp that people get on with well. Thanks!
  11. Thanks If I save in bank 2 can I select bank 2 A and will B,C and D from bank 2 also be present in my FBV express MKII? Like does it depend on which bank you switch to using?
  12. How do I replace the 4 presets? I know I can select Trash, Save, and Publish to Line6 Cloud. If I click save, you can "Save to My Tones" or "Save tone as". Choosing "Save to My Tones" I see it there but when I go to Bank 1 I have no option to replace it in there as A, B, C or D? How do I do this? I have the fsb express mkii pedal and a 150 amplifi.
  13. Anyone any experience how it works then? Says they are compatible in the comparability list on here.
  14. Hello, Does the LINE 6 FBV Express MKII work with an Amplifi 150 and if so are their instructions? Neither manual seems to be specific about this so I am wondering. Thanks
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