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  1. Hey boonsnic85 - I read one of your threads that everything sounds muffled with your Helix.  I have the LT and am having the same problem.  I'm new to recording (not guitar) and figured it was something I was doing.  Then tonight I did what you did, watched a YouTube video and followed along step by step and there's sounds so much more open and crisp compared to mine.


    I'm running USB from my Helix to my Mac and using GarageBand to record.  I tried Audacity too and am getting the same results.  You mentioned that you thought you had a bad unit and were going to exchange it.  Did you end up doing that and did that solve your problem?  Thanks!

  2. Hi All, I just got a Relay G10 (Receiver and Transmitter). I plugged in the receiver via the wall plug, and it pulses red. I plug in the transmitter (firmly seated), which even after being plugged in overnight, does not light up or show any signs of working. If I plug in the usb to my PC and open the Line 6 Updater, it sees the base (now slow pulsing a pinkish color), at version 1.00. When I try to update it, it tells me there are no updates available, which I know is not true. Any advice on either front? I have a ticket opened, but am not getting a response (yet). :(
  3. Major discovery... I discovered that the output to PC / Headphones / Monitors sounds like I have described (muffled, lifeless, "behind a wall" sound). However, using the Helix as my audio Interface, the resulting recording sounds like I have been expecting the audio out to sound all along. That leads me to believe there may be something up with my XLR / Audio out. It was a Sweetwater Demo unit, and it may have been one for a reason? :P I am definitely leaning toward requesting a warranty swap. Would the request go through Sweetwater or Line 6? Sweetwater's website page for reporting warranty issues doesn't work and I can't find anything on getting the process started via L6's website.
  4. Sounds very similar - will try all cables i own when i get home and record / compare to be certain. *fingers crossed*
  5. It's like it's being played in the next room or through a wall or pillows, etc... Just having trouble bringing out crispness and the high end of any amps. I can with ALOT of EQ and Compression on certain amps, but for the most part, everything is dull, lifeless, and muffled. I wasn't thinking anything was wrong and it was just part of the learning curve. Then i looked up a lot of new amp demos or building from scratch videos. Every thing i watched / listened to, the moment anyone adds the Amp Block or Amp + Cab Block (new Lonestar for example), while it's not a great tone, it definitely sounds like an amp, and is very usable. When I load Amps or Amp+Cab, it sounds distant (regardless of mic / distance), and hollow.
  6. Plan on doing so tonight. Is the fs numbering top to bottom / left to right? Not sure which are 9 and 10.
  7. 10 foot cable and have tried a variety of others.
  8. Hi All, Not sure what to do, but everything sounds muffled to me on the Helix LT. Factory Presets, purchased presets (fremen), from scratch presets, etc. I am playing a Paul Reed Smith DGT and a Fender Standard Strat primarily, but have tested 5 or so other guitars of different sorts (hollowbody, mini humbuckers, noiseless vintage single coils, etc.) Speaker wise, I am using primarily a PowerCab, but have also played through an Alto 310, JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors, 4CM with a Boss Katana, and BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO headphones. All sound muffled. Should a stock amp+cab be at least somewhat usable right out of the box? I am not expecting a gig / recording usable tone, but even a brand new patch with an A+C block sounds like someone threw all the pillows in my house on my amp / speakers... Hopefully I can remember everything I have tried: Global EQ is deactivated Guitar Tone knob is turned up Amp Block has adequate master an channel volumes Guitar Pad is off in Global Settings Helix > PC is set to use Line Level Followed advise in Chad Boston's setup video Thanks!!!
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