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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I've been a purely acoustic guitarist for about 20 years now and am now inspired to put together some tasty sonic experiments back in thew world of electric guitar with effects. I'd like to create something of a full sound without requiring other musicians. My style is folky kind of finger style. Think Nick Drake, Damien Rice etc. I love the tones of guitar in Sigur Ros with their elegant reverbs. I'd like to create something that can lean toward that sound but also where the bass can come through separately and not get lost and blended with the higher frequencies and all their reverb. I'm wondering if the best way to do this would be a dual amp setup? From my research it seems this would be possible with any of the helix pedals? So I would imagine running the bass line out with a sharp low-pass filter, relatively clean signal other than that, to one amp. And then the other amp would be available for higher frequencies and an assortment of colourful effects I could put on top. Would this work and is there anything I'm missing? Or would I be better off with a different setup? Are the Helix pedals well-suited to this plan or are they overkill? As an extra bonus question I'm wondering if there is such. thing as a cumulative distortion effect where I could have a relatively clean signal at lower dynamic playing levels, but where distortion gets racked up once I start really strumming hard? Really appreciate any help on this, I've been out of the game a long time! (if you want an example of the style I'm playing: )
  2. Hi everybody, this is my Helix patch for “Growing on me” by The Darkness- you can download for free! Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia patch per il brano “Growing on me” dei The Darkness potete scaricarla gratis!
  3. Today we are going over how I developed a dual amp metal tone with the Line 6 Helix Rack using Ownhammer Impulses. I walk you through my process as well as give some sound examples throughout. I ended up using the both the Line 6 Badonk amp model as well as the Revv Red amp model which of course is modeled after the Revv Generator 120. I used Ownhammer IRs and specifically one from their true stereo Zilla 412 pack that uses vintage 30 speakers and a Royer 121 mic.
  4. In few words: I want to start a song with a clean sound of a fender tweed and then change it to a distorted sound of a Mesa Boogie. Let's say that I want to play Fade to Black from metallica, how can I change between these two amps using just one footswitch? I have pod hd500X for over a year and I just can't do that, its so frustrating. Thank you!
  5. Hello! I have been working a lot on a bass patch for a while and I'm quite happy with my clean tone and fxs, but getting a good bass distortion is a real headache. I think I'm getting a bit closer but I'm having trouble with getting some good distortion (guitar amp sim - Fireball) that blends well with the clean bass tone (GK Cougar). What I'm trying to achieve is my current clean tone (and fx) with the ability to kick in a distortion that doesn't change the "character" of the clean tone or removes the low end. I just wan't the two to sort of "blend" together like a good bass distortion pedal.The type of tone I'm aiming for is somewhere in the ballpark of the more recent Tool or Gojira bass tones. So I'll try posting my patch here and maybe some of you more experienced guys can help me out a bit or give me some advice on how it might be improved?
  6. Hi everyone, really hope someone can help. I best start with my live setup... Krank Revolution series 1 head Pod HDPro Marshall 4x12 Ibanez RGD 7 string Basically, I'm looking for any help getting a high gain, dual amp sound. I literally just read that the best sound for the setup I'm using would be to use pre amp models instead of full, but I won't have chance to test this theory til our show on Saturday. At the moment, I'm using the Angel F-ball with parametric EQ in front (I've got the usual tube screamer, compressor, gates etc as well) with no cab sim for the first chain. Second part of the chain I'm using the Uber (pretty much same setup on the f-ball with different gain, eq and bias settings). It all sounds pretty thin and fizzy and super processed. That heavy saturated, dual amp Arch Enemy style tone is similar to what I want to achieve. Thoughts on whether pre would be better? My clean channel is also dual (clean) amps (no cab sim), but it's still super quiet. Lead is similar to my rhythm channel with more mids, tiny bit more gain, delay and a chorus. I was looking into the 4 cable method and using the tone from the Krank (best scenario), but I don't have a midi foot controller to be able to change patches and amp channels. Plus that thing is LOUD... Another thing I was going to mention was the whole delay trail thing while switching channels, but I guess that's something I'll have to live with. I do miss having that little trail off after a solo when switching back to rhythm. Bit too static with the HDPro :( Anyway, if any of you can make sense of this immense mass of words, it would be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge help! Thanks in advance!
  7. I am running the pod HD500 in dual amp mode panned hard left and hard right. Since the dsp is limiting I have an external delay and reverb which I run through the FX loop. How do I set it up to put the fx loop after the amp? It only gives me one FX loop position to use so I can't put one on the left amp and one on the right amp. If I use it on one of the amps it only goes to one side, if I place it after the pre amp it makes it mono sounding. How do I get a stereo FX loop?
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