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  1. No, the only analog effect I have is the tube screamer. I use the chorus, reverb and delay sims on the actual pod
  2. That's actually super helpful! Thanks! Yeah I've got chorus, delay and reverb after the fx block at the moment, but I guess it doesn't really matter about them being out of the loop? As it's being used as the ts?
  3. Yeah I definitely have some thinking to do. I did think about that to start with. I suppose the ideal solution would be if there was a separate input/output (like an extension of some sort...) on the back of the pod which had an fx block assigned to it, which could be added or removed. So it's present in the rhythm and lead patches, but not in the clean patch. Therefore, I'd be able to assign it with the midi controller. Don't think there is though ðŸ™
  4. I've only just got the the pedal to be honest. I never liked the ts9 sim on the pod, but we used a tube screamer straight into my Krank when we recorded out album (no pod) and it was glorious. Only need the pod for live stuff anyway. The problem I've got is I use clean sounds as well, so idy I'd like a way of being able to set up a patch with no tube screamer for my cleans. Don't quite know how
  5. Hi, I was just wondering how to connect a tube screamer with the pod HD Pro? Running through a tube amp via the 4 cable method. Ideally only used on the distorted channels, not the clean. I'm controlling everything with the behringer midi control board
  6. Yeah I'll try that. I think I'm gonna go 4 cable method now though as the behringer foot controller was only £100. I saw them too :) backstage passes, press passes, signed vinyl and guitar picks...all because they missed a signing session at graspop metal meeting 5 years earlier!!!! Never ever gonna be that lucky again. Haha
  7. Yeah I'll try that. I think I'm gonna go 4 cable method now though as the behringer foot controller was only £100. I saw them too :) backstage passes, press passes, signed vinyl and guitar picks...all because they missed a signing session at graspop metal meeting 5 years earlier!!!! Never ever gonna be that lucky again. Haha
  8. I've just bought a behringer fcb1010 as it has relay switches to be able to switch amp functions, so hopefully all goes well
  9. Yeah I never like to use existing presets without changing them. I swapped the studio eq for a parametric and pretty much changed all the settings in the end
  10. Downloaded that the first day I got it and it sounds terrible live. :(
  11. I already had the modeller and currently use the connection you suggested. It was fine for a while, but I do prefer the sound of my amp to the pod amp models. It was more for the fact that I wanted everything in one rack unit and something I had more control over volume wise. That's now not a problem. Plus I prefer the effects in the pod than other units. Plus I already have it, so it makes sense to carry on using it rather than buy something else. If I can't control amp channels, I'll just play around with the amp models. Apparently I can switch amp channels if I get a midi foot controller with relay switching ins/outs. Like the behringer fcb1010. Ideal scenario. Not sure exactly how to do it though, or if the fbv short board has these relay switching Jack sockets...I'm GUESSING I would just use a Y cable from the foot switch socket on the amp to the fbv. And time wise, it won't take that much longer. Everything's flight cased, so it's like unplug, put lid on, done
  12. Thanks guys, I've got a couple of minor things I can adjust so I don't have to do much to the sound. To make do until rehearsal. Any advice on the original question? Have either of you tested the preamp only method? (for trying out after the show) I really want to go down the 4 cable method route (the above question is really as a stop gap until I can get a midi controller and test everything out). I believe you can use the fbv shortboard and the 4 cable method to switch amp channels too...that correct? I don't really wanna buy the shortboard if it doesn't change amp channels. (this is a side question...REALLY sorry!!!!!) E.g: rhythm channel would have a gate and amp channel 1; clean would be chorus, delay, verb and amp channel 2; lead would be gate, eq, compressor, delay, chorus, amp channel 3; then rhythm channel with delay. I used to do this with a GCX audio switcher and Ground control pro using analogue pedals, but to change the amp channels, had to use a 'y' cable... So so sorry for asking so many noobish questions...just don't wanna get one and it won't work how I need it to
  13. Hi everyone, really hope someone can help. I best start with my live setup... Krank Revolution series 1 head Pod HDPro Marshall 4x12 Ibanez RGD 7 string Basically, I'm looking for any help getting a high gain, dual amp sound. I literally just read that the best sound for the setup I'm using would be to use pre amp models instead of full, but I won't have chance to test this theory til our show on Saturday. At the moment, I'm using the Angel F-ball with parametric EQ in front (I've got the usual tube screamer, compressor, gates etc as well) with no cab sim for the first chain. Second part of the chain I'm using the Uber (pretty much same setup on the f-ball with different gain, eq and bias settings). It all sounds pretty thin and fizzy and super processed. That heavy saturated, dual amp Arch Enemy style tone is similar to what I want to achieve. Thoughts on whether pre would be better? My clean channel is also dual (clean) amps (no cab sim), but it's still super quiet. Lead is similar to my rhythm channel with more mids, tiny bit more gain, delay and a chorus. I was looking into the 4 cable method and using the tone from the Krank (best scenario), but I don't have a midi foot controller to be able to change patches and amp channels. Plus that thing is LOUD... Another thing I was going to mention was the whole delay trail thing while switching channels, but I guess that's something I'll have to live with. I do miss having that little trail off after a solo when switching back to rhythm. Bit too static with the HDPro :( Anyway, if any of you can make sense of this immense mass of words, it would be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge help! Thanks in advance!
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