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  1. Just got a Helix, I was wondering if there is a way to view the tap tempo bpm in real time on the main screen? I play live to a click and while pre-programming the tempos to different patches would be ideal, there have been situations where there will be an unrehearsed or pre-planned song thrown in the mix and I would like to see the tempo match the bpm. Or, is there a way where it at least shows the tempo bpm while I'm actively tapping, Thanks!
  2. Good call, I haven't thought of that, will try tonight when I get home.
  3. Wow this is almost the exact pedalboard setup I'm looking to build, almost same pedals too, trade out the boss ve-20 with a strymon timeline and done. I'm designing mine to have the second shelf on a scissor hinge so it closes on top of the bottom one and when it is folded out two legs fold down from the top shelf to support the offset of the hinge.
  4. Ok thanks. External wah it is then.
  5. @GTLazer: I've tried that but then I lose the separation between the left and right amps, like it pans them to the middle again making it muddy. @TheRealZap: I have a splitter for the TRS to dual mono so my Timeline and HOF reverb are in stereo, I just need a way to tell the Pod to set the FX loop to have the left input on the left amp and the right input on the right amp. Right now I have the FX loop before the amp and back 1 slot so it doesn't attach to the amp. This is the clearest I can get it, but with this setting the delay is quiet and muddy, not clear and distinct like I like it. I have also tried just running the Timeline and HOF after the line outs but I don't really dig the delayed cab sim sound. This is what it looks like now: /---AMP1---DLY---\ ---FX--CHORUS MIXER \---AMP2-----------/ I think this problem would be solved if I could use 2 slots for the FX loop in between the amp and mixer so it would look like this: /--AMP1--DLY--FX------\ --- MIXER \--AMP2---------FX-------/ P.S. I have a PingPong delay set at 20ms (lowest setting) to give a slight separation between the two amps. Is this type of setup possible?
  6. Is there a way to set up the wah pedal on the pod HD500 to "switch" like a morley wah? i.e. toe up equals off, slight toe down movement turns it on then full sweep from the "on" point. Thanks!
  7. I am running the pod HD500 in dual amp mode panned hard left and hard right. Since the dsp is limiting I have an external delay and reverb which I run through the FX loop. How do I set it up to put the fx loop after the amp? It only gives me one FX loop position to use so I can't put one on the left amp and one on the right amp. If I use it on one of the amps it only goes to one side, if I place it after the pre amp it makes it mono sounding. How do I get a stereo FX loop?
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