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  1. I've read a few useful guides (meambobbo amongst others) on the subject of using one or both inputs to get a "purer" input signal. Consequently, since i've had my HD i've run as one input only believing there is a trade-off running both inputs parallel. Obviously, the main factor being a loss of level when disabling input 2 (set to variax when using a regular electric guitar on input 1) Now i'm wondering how much of this is psychological but i will need to tweak all my patches if i change this. I'm interested to know who else feels there is any "loss" as a result of setting input 2 to "same" or "guitar" through phasing issues? Perhaps on paper or a bench test there is some time-shift, but can anyone comment on a loss of tone through setting inputs the same? What settings do the rest of you use for inputs 1 & 2? thanks all
  2. Ah, YES! i've just discovered that for myself too!! many thanks for the confirmation. I wonder why it works like that?
  3. Thanks for the link- quite an in-depth coverage. This device is one rabbit-hole after another. Forgive me for appearing a bit dim but i still cant figure out why there is no chorus on the right channel. How do i get chorus on this channel using the effects blocks and setup i have described? thanks again
  4. I cant get my head round this: I believe i have the amp outputs (via the mixer) panned both centre (see image) but the chorus effect is ONLY audible on the LEFT XLR out, unless i engage the "dynamics" effect which follows (which i understand sums to mono) then i can hear it on the right-XLR. I have input 2 disabled (set to variax) but changing it to "same as input1" makes no difference. Also inserting a mono-summing effect before the amp does not reveal the chorus effect on the right XLR out. I thought the summing and panning on the mixer (after the amp) would effectively run everything L+R equally. can anyone explain please. thanks
  5. thanks for the confirmation. Can you tell me, what other parameters are "per patch" within the system pages, please?
  6. Can anyone confirm this for me, please... I've turned "delay trails" to OFF in the "global settings" but when i recall a patch the state of this setting reverts back to ON. I dont think there is a "save global settings" function anywhere. So i set it back off and then saved my current patch and it holds the setting, for the current patch, at least. My understanding is that the "delay trails" is a global setting rather than per-patch parameter, but now i'm not sure. Can anyone please confirm what it is. (using v1.32 firmware) thanks all
  7. thanks for the comments, everyone. Reassuring to hear other have a similar issue. My guess is that its a software issue as it stalls the pod intermittently only following a +/- bank change. Keeps me on my toes! Guys- out of interest, what "view" mode do you usually have selected- just in case this has any effect on the issue? thanks
  8. I've only had my HD500x for a few weeks now but have noticed that sometimes when i change up or down a bank the patch-change that follows does not always work on the first button press. I though perhaps i hadnt hit the button hard enough but it now seems that button A,B,C or D doesnt always register upon hitting, though a second push of the button does as expected. Wondered if anyone else has encountered this? i'm still on v1.32 firmware thanks
  9. thats a useful guide. thank you for sharing. Some more "exaggerated" demonstrations of bias x control would be useful as i feel its a very subtle alternation that i still dont fully appreciate or grasp the purpose of it. I'm starting to understand what it's intended to do but i'm not hearing how it affects my sound enough for it to be a useful parameter. Thanks for baring with me as i'm a bit slow on the uptake for this one. :wacko:
  10. I'm seeking advice on which compressor (or fx combination) can best control transients, particularly using clean sounds for live use. As you're probably aware, clean sounds tend to get lost in the mix with a wider dynamic range than a dirty sound which has natural compression through distortion or overdrive, so a compressor can usually level things out better. I want my clean sounds to be less dynamic, as would get from a compressor- boost the quiets & tame the "loud/peak" bits. However, of the compressors in the HD500x that i've played with i find they have an attack time that lets in some spike-transients that are a little too harsh for a split second. Ideally a compressor with a very short attack time, acting like a limiter, would be better. I've also played about with the sag setting in some amps which helps a bit. I've also read meambobbo's useful guide too. Can any suggest a compressor or settings to minimise the attack-transients delivered and smooth out my clean sounds? thanks in advance all
  11. Had the HD500x a couple of weeks now but cant figure out what "bias excursion" does. I cant hear any change when moving it to extremes along with the bias setting. Can anyone tell me its purpose or maybe provide an audio example. thanks in advance
  12. Valid points, both ways. yes, its just backup. Like insurance- no body wants to the hassle or expense but the day you need it it will pay back for itself. Carrying an additional piece of hardware is a wise backup plan too, though i appreciate some people may not warrant the money or the extra weight/space, so it depends on the individual's needs and situation. thanks for the info, everyone
  13. I've been a pod user since the red-kidney one of the 90s and recently bought the HD500x to replace an ageing XT live floor board. New to these forums also, as i've never really had issues with previous line 6 devices (which is a good advert!) On my old XT live floor unit (and the old red pod) i could back up settings with a midi-dump. Useful as a backup if you're out and about as the keyboard player could dump a sysex file if a recovery was needed. With the HD500 it appears that any data transfer needs to be done by the PC/mac editor. Is there any other way to backup/restore pod data, like a midi dump? thanks all
  14. Thanks for the replies. I discovered this myself too. However, i did notice that the "Send" works on the first time after powering up the pod. I assume this "send" function is supposed to work as an alternative to "save" on the pod everytime?
  15. Should (or is there an option) to continue delay-trails when changing between presets? I'm aware there is a setting to play the trails when the delay is disengaged but hope there is someway of playing the trails across preset changes. thanks
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