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  1. I am using my marshall mg250dfx as a poweramp and 2x12 cab and algo using 3Sigma IR (AC30s) in the patches. To me, they sound really good all together!!!!
  2. So, according to you, if I like the vintage stuff, it´s implicit that I must tune the guitars they way I want and abandon technology? If that´s what you think, I must be the craziest guy on earth.....vintage guy with a helix floorboard... Nice one mate!
  3. that´s exactly wwhat I am doing ....or did I miss something?
  4. I´m old school, don´t really like the new technology. Love the old vintage pickups sound....
  5. Too expensive for just a feature that won´t be used all the time... Let´s wait for something from L6... Until then, I will tune my guitar in Eb... :D
  6. Did what you guys told me to and hitting note by note the sound is ok, no good, but ok.. Making chords...no way, awful!
  7. I considered the Variax, but another guitar? Already have 4 and it takes too much space for me. Also, I would like to listen to my pup's sound (Seymour Duncan Antiquities in a Strat). I have a Fender/Roland Stratocaster G5, but in the alternate tunnings, we don't have Eb, unfortunately! I watched some videos on Youtube and the whammy DT seems to be a really good option, but I bought Helix to downsize and buy another gear for just a couple of song, it's a waste of money in my opinion. Probably, I will keep tuning the guitar in Eb....just a bit more of work, but it is ok...
  8. Volume is not the problem at all....it just doesn't sound right, too artificial and when playing chords, it gets too messy....
  9. Hey guys, I am having a hard time, trying to set a half step down in Helix. Back when I had the GT100, I just set the pedal bend option and it worked just perfectly. I could use a guitar tuned in E and play song in Eb, without having the work to tune it half step down... Is there an option in Helix close to it? I tried to use pitch, but, it doesn't sound right at all! Any tip is welcome!!! Thanks!
  10. Maybe the mix in the effect block?
  11. https://youtu.be/kKsnPA9BDXQ
  12. Anyonde could post the impressions on the difference between mono x stereo? I always used stereo in a 2x12 cab, but never really felt the stereo feeling. Maybe if I used 2 1x12's and some space between them...
  13. Just a silly question, the option trails in Helix's loop menu is ON?
  14. pitch -> multidelays -> phaser -> rotary -> octo
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