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  1. I tried the FRFR setup when I had an AxFx Ultra a few years ago with a Mission Gemini cab and never got the low end thump of an amp in the room. So this time around I got a tube power amp to run through my cab and I'm loving the results. Of course, I use the Third Party IRs when I'm running it through a Mac with Studio Monitors and it sounds just as amazing if not better.
  2. I use mine with an Atomic 50/50 Tube Power Amp (they're no longer made) which only adds tube power and warmth without coloring the Helix modeling. I'm running it through an Orange PPC 212 with great results!
  3. I would have if I had another speaker cable!
  4. Used the full amp model US Deluxe Vib and Cali Rectifier for practice through a Mesa 412 and it kept up with my other guitarist's 6505+ I'm very pleased!
  5. Thanks guys! Yeah I noticed a lot of the Preamp models are weak with my power amp, and the full amp models are where they should be. Loving the Brit Plexi Brt, US Deluxe Vib (sounds pretty darn close to my old deluxe I just sold), and Cali Rectifier models. Going to try it at practice today for the first time!
  6. Hey guys, I'm running my helix floor into an atomic 50/50 tube power amp into an Orange PPC212 w/ V30s. It seems running the preamp models alone are too weak and the full amp models sound better. How are you guys running yours that are running tube power amps?
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