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  1. Just tried that and it's sorted. Thank everyone for the assist!!! It was driving me nuts!!
  2. Thought it might be something simple. I take it when it's set to 'X' the signal 1 path will still go through signal 2?
  3. Hope this works, picture attached of an affected patch. I think the Helix is up to date and the mix is set to 100% on the whammy pedal.
  4. Hi all, Can someone please tell me how to attach a picture to this thread? I'm that new to this I can't even work that out!! Thanks
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experienced this issue. On a couple of patches I have included a pitch wham at the beginning of the signal chain in order to change the pitch up an octave when pressing the expression pedal (like a whammy funnily enough!) but my issue is that I can still here the 'dry', unchanged guitar sound as well as the octave higher. Is this something common, or would you need more detail of the patches? It also occurs when I use the pitch shift to have an 'Eb' setting (dropping each note by a semi tone) like on some of the Glenn DeLaune patches. I have the mix set to 100%, heel to zero, toe to 12 and the level to -0.5db. I'm currently running a Gibson Les Paul in and outputting to a Matrix FR12. I'm sure this is something simple. I can give full details of the patches it affects, but happens in most of them. Thanks all Mark
  6. silverhead, ha ha ha. That's very true, I should refrain from using my colloquialisms on here! I mean 'good' as opposed to 'crackling'. Although if I do get one of those ill let you all know! Thanks for the replies so far, especially the link to that post where's there a whole host of ideas!
  7. My point is that I don't want to be specific. I want some generic tips that people use and perhaps it will develop into a list as people might all end up doing the same sort of adjustments in order to get the best out of the unit.
  8. Hi all Well, I turned 40 just last month and when searching for a present for my wife to buy me I saw some great reviews of the Helix. Job sorted and she kindly purchased one for me. At that time I had been a Les Paul plugged directly into a Marshall for years, but I had always heard great things about such products as the AXE-FX but couldn't justify the £2500 for one as I would then need a power amp and speakers etc etc. Anyway, once I got the Helix home I decided that I wanted to utilise the full capabilities of it and purchased an FRFR speaker (the recently released Matrix FR12) after some research on them. So now I'm set up with the gear, but still with no idea. I purchased all the patches from Glenn Delaune (who I have to say has been top notch with his individual support for sorting out so that the patches work correctly) and set about getting some cracking tones! My query is, am I getting those cracking tones or do any of you have any tips for improving them (I know tones are subjective, but I'm speaking generally), global EQ, EQ in individual patches, rolling off high end etc etc. In fact any tips for a relative newbie to all this technology would be most welcome. I don't want to know everything, but perhaps between you all you could come up with a top ten tips for new users of Helix. Apologies if this has already been done, but there's a lot of posts to read through! Thanks Mark
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