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  1. He used some kind of lab series amp, and a midiverb 2 for chorus https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/the-secrets-behind-ty-tabors-guitar-tone-on-out-of-the-silent-planet-by-kings-x
  2. Hey thanks for replying! I'm running the Helix floor unit currently on 2.50, connected via USB to a Windows 7 laptop. Up until now I've had zero problems updating and from what I've been able to research here and internet it appears to be a corrupt preset possibly?
  3. Trying to update to the newest firmware basically when I go to do my usual backup, it gets hung up on preset at about 50% and gives the error message that the "backup has failed".... help!!
  4. "The powers that be"... We all know it's a guy named Shawn in I.T ....come on and just get him the fancy chair, office, and sushi that he wants.... make him happy and he'll flip the switch.
  5. I have to say the one thing I do love about it... is that brief moment when switching Pages where it disappears!! Almost makes it worth it :D
  6. That's funny, I logged in for the first time and saw the new forum and struggled with that stupid black bar on the side... like "how do I close it"... then I see the first post is about that stupid black bar on the side... knock knock.... who's there?... get rid of the stupid black bar on the side
  7. I was having issues as well... I kept going into settings/privacy/clear browsing history, cookies, etc. Didn't work, but I neglected to notice the selectable date range (today's date-last week-all) Once I select ALL it fixed it. For now
  8. Yes, that's what I mean by ocd, I realized at some point even the humidity fluctuations could make such a minute change that I could hear the buzzes and rattles more, that's when I decided I'm not going to worry about .30 .50 relief lol, I was making myself crazy. Came to the same conclusion that depending on how low you want to go it is indeed inevitable
  9. Also, I wonder if the " squirrelz" could be partly attributed to this?
  10. Great thread, I've been dealing/ struggling with this for the past few days. got a brand spanking new Ibanez Prestige 657 msk.... I've gone in lowered the action ever-so-slightly as per Rich Harris's instructions at Ibanez rules, and have been finding when I get down to the 1.5 1.6mm recommendation for "Low" that when playing on a crystal clean setting I can hear the occasional rattle. what I've realized is that my technique could use much improvement lighter touch, Etc. I'll also look at how I have things eq-ed It's imperceptible on a high gain/ distorted crunch tone, just triggers my OCD, lol
  11. That's my observation as well.. on my laptop those little sliders are like I drew a line with a pencil,lol also, I find that when I'm vertically scrolling, the mouse catches a perimeter slider and can easily inadvertently make an adjustment.
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