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  1. He used some kind of lab series amp, and a midiverb 2 for chorus https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/the-secrets-behind-ty-tabors-guitar-tone-on-out-of-the-silent-planet-by-kings-x
  2. Hey thanks for replying! I'm running the Helix floor unit currently on 2.50, connected via USB to a Windows 7 laptop. Up until now I've had zero problems updating and from what I've been able to research here and internet it appears to be a corrupt preset possibly?
  3. Trying to update to the newest firmware basically when I go to do my usual backup, it gets hung up on preset at about 50% and gives the error message that the "backup has failed".... help!!
  4. "The powers that be"... We all know it's a guy named Shawn in I.T ....come on and just get him the fancy chair, office, and sushi that he wants.... make him happy and he'll flip the switch.
  5. I have to say the one thing I do love about it... is that brief moment when switching Pages where it disappears!! Almost makes it worth it :D
  6. That's funny, I logged in for the first time and saw the new forum and struggled with that stupid black bar on the side... like "how do I close it"... then I see the first post is about that stupid black bar on the side... knock knock.... who's there?... get rid of the stupid black bar on the side
  7. I was having issues as well... I kept going into settings/privacy/clear browsing history, cookies, etc. Didn't work, but I neglected to notice the selectable date range (today's date-last week-all) Once I select ALL it fixed it. For now
  8. Yes, that's what I mean by ocd, I realized at some point even the humidity fluctuations could make such a minute change that I could hear the buzzes and rattles more, that's when I decided I'm not going to worry about .30 .50 relief lol, I was making myself crazy. Came to the same conclusion that depending on how low you want to go it is indeed inevitable
  9. Also, I wonder if the " squirrelz" could be partly attributed to this?
  10. Great thread, I've been dealing/ struggling with this for the past few days. got a brand spanking new Ibanez Prestige 657 msk.... I've gone in lowered the action ever-so-slightly as per Rich Harris's instructions at Ibanez rules, and have been finding when I get down to the 1.5 1.6mm recommendation for "Low" that when playing on a crystal clean setting I can hear the occasional rattle. what I've realized is that my technique could use much improvement lighter touch, Etc. I'll also look at how I have things eq-ed It's imperceptible on a high gain/ distorted crunch tone, just triggers my OCD, lol
  11. That's my observation as well.. on my laptop those little sliders are like I drew a line with a pencil,lol also, I find that when I'm vertically scrolling, the mouse catches a perimeter slider and can easily inadvertently make an adjustment.
  12. Cool, thanks... going to give it a try this weekend & check it out. I'm not even sure it'll fire up and have any memory/battery life left.
  13. shredzilla1964

    Ada mp1

    I just realized I had one of these units from the late 80s 90s stashed in a closet.. has anyone tried hooking one up four cable method that's doable yes? I'm intrigued to know how this unit would sound with various impulse responses.
  14. Wow, I've tried a lot of van Halen presets...this is simple and spot on. It helps to have good chops as well :) Fantastic job and THANK YOU!
  15. I'll stick with what's in the helix over that, from what I see in the vid it's imo nothing revolutionary?
  16. Very cool man thanks for putting in the work and sharing :)
  17. I had a bit of a panic moment with my tuner this morning... Plugged In, went to fine-tune and despite the fact that the guitar was basically in tune it was indicating extremely Sharp.... Took me a couple minutes to figure out that when I entered tuning mode I had drug a patch cable across the knob that adjusts the tuning frequency and moved it to 432 versus the usual A-440... For a minute I thought "damn the tuner issue"!! Otherwise I'very had zero issues with it.
  18. And... I'm back with the results... Picked up guitar, turned volume up, and COMPLETE SILENCE. Like CraigGT as soon as I nudged the bass the sound "sputtered abruptly back to where I left off. Something strange is going on line 6 I am on version 2.20
  19. Round 3 currently under way. Set up a patch with the zeroed out bass & mid and went to a BBQ 3 hours ago, will report back upon return (bout 3 hrs.)
  20. Ok...round 2 I made the adjustment with the tube screamer just acting as a clean boost, set it up left it for 3 hours. On my particular unit there is no degradation or change of sound. Switch to a preset right next to it and back, nothing zip NADA no change. So I'm not sure if what you're experiencing is your preset is corrupted,or some other as of yet to be discovered factor??
  21. I'm going to run the experiment again using just the amp/cab default... out of curiosity what are you doing in regards to that, are you using a separate cab? an impulse response?
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