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  1. Yes mate it has, i was worried i had something wrong with my unit. such a relief
  2. Cheers mate, and thanks everyone else for helping me.
  3. Cool well i'm glad i don't have a dud unit. Is anyone that replicated the dead patch results running 2.21. I'm going to update to 2.21 regardless and run through the process again so i can comfirm with line 6 that is still happens on 2.21.i'll also try to link them here
  4. Yeah ticket was lodged a few days ago they want me to update firmware to 2.21 and see if it still happens before they go any further. I know it will happen again. I want to try a few other amp models and see what happens too. Also it's worth mentioning i ran the patch with bass and mid at 1 and left it on overnight and the patch was fine in the morning.
  5. ok so after reading a few replies I had an idea and I'm fairly sure I've narrowed down the problem, which is a specific type of setting on the amp model. I typically run my bass and middle at zero which is demonstrated in the following pic https://www.dropbox.com/s/ypdg86eyr89vvwt/Screen%20Shot%202017-07-24%20at%207.16.43%20PM.png?dl=0 . I decided to change the bass and middle setting because i read somewhere that these act Pre gain or at least before the power amp and kind of act like a filter for the distorted sound before it hits the power amp. I changed the setting to this https://www.dropbox.com/s/v9pbcq661dzb5ee/Screen%20Shot%202017-07-24%20at%207.17.36%20PM.png?dl=0 I had this patch with the bass and middle at 5 going for a solid 2 hours with no noticeable change at all. i reverted my setting back to the previous with the bass and middle at 0 and guess what? the bug cam back... after an hour the patch was completely dead, so for lollipop and giggles i moved the bass slider slightly and the patch came right back to life. It seems there is a bug in having the bass and or middle at zero position, I'll try again with it at a very low setting and see what happens but i think this is where the bug is. I think this would it would explain why most people don't have a problem with it or don't notice it?
  6. I honestly don't know what to think, it happens in multiple slots and I've even factory re-set/deleted all my patches re upgraded done all the resets etc and it still persists. Here is a link to the patch if anyone is interested https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbvtgq54356aedw/Mark%20IV%20Test.hlx?dl=0 . i don't expect anyone troubleshoot but i was thinking if someone could rebuild the patch manually exactly the same as my setting, if that doesn't work i think it may be an issue with my unit somewhere. I havent heard any news on my ticket progress but i will update here when i receive some news
  7. I normally use ir's but the only difference i can see in your patch is that i use the ts 808 as a clean boost with no gain and the level maxed. The patch in the video is a stock cab just for the purpose of sharing the file and not having to include ir's
  8. Zooey, i've re built my patches more time than I care to remember, every time i use the Mark IV lead model like clockwork after 45 minutes it dies... And yeah i use passive pick ups, I've opened a ticket with line6. Like i said before the exact same thing happened to another person yesterday after 45 minutes it dies. Try it yourself if you like? build your own high gain Mark IV patch and play around for a few minutes and leave it on that patch without changing it I firmly believe you will notice the gain gradually disappear to nothing. It start to become noticeable at around 45 minutes and after an hour dies. https://www.facebook.com/groups/line6helixusergroup/permalink/764227153760960/?comment_id=764288897088119&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1500705676699302 link to video on youtube Passive pickups dude
  9. Quick update, i sent the patch to a person on the helix facebook group and he had the exact same results as me on firmware 2.21. I have rebuilt and reset my patches more times than i can remember and it still persists. Basically it happens typically between 45 minutes onwards of the patch being loaded and has to stay on the patch the entire time, i could link to the fb discussion but i'm not sure if linking is allowed?
  10. yes, but also this has been an issue for me since at least 2.10 but i'll update and try it again
  11. Hey guys, i'm still having the same issue. If anyone is willing to try an experiment... If you build a simple mark IV lead patch with a ts 808 and both gain stages around about 6.5 or higher plug a guitar in and play for about 5 or 10 mins then lower the volume and leave the guitar plugged in for an hour and dont play it, come back and have a strum and see what happens? Alternatively i could send someone my patch and see what happens?
  12. 2.10, will update to 2.12 over the weekend and see what happens
  13. The change in gain is gradual, and i normally notice it when tracking guitars. The actual tone doesn't change apart from the amount of gain. I normally notice it in between take when theres no other sound and i'm about to tune and get ready for another take and i notice it has no balls. then reloading the patch restores all it's heavenly glory.
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