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  1. I have a Helix, i love it but delays and reverbs (more used effects for me) are better in AXE FX II. I would like to control axe fx2 via midi with helix control (the best of the helix and the best of ax fx2). Thanks PeterHamm for your reply.
  2. Is it possible? To control an Axe fx via MIDI with Helix control or it is exclusive for Helix Rack. I would like to switch stomps, change presets, change scenes, etc. Thanks.
  3. It´s so easy. You can do it in differents ways, i prefer with snapshots, you can turn on/off a lot of blocks with only one switch.
  4. I´m thinking to buy some irs, I never use it, what irs do you recommend me? 3 sigma audio? others?
  5. Hey where can i download this presets? Thanks!
  6. My basic preset for u2 shimmer, http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2148050/ I suggest to cut frequencys in octoverb abaut 100 and 7800
  7. Thank you for your replys, Your preset is great, i´m working in my own preset in a few days i think that i upload it in custom tone. It´s difficult to get that shimmer tone for me. I think that rotary could be the key. By other way the pitch and chorus i think that don´t add much, if you mix with octo at 90% it dessapear.
  8. The target of this tópic is make it with helix
  9. Shimmer is a multidelay with pitchshifter for differents times. And easy shimmer is 100ms +1octave 200ms +2octaves, then you can add a filter and a reverb. Helix hasn´t any delay with this options. That´s is it the problem. Octoverb could work fine but is not the same, is similar. Other example: Heard at 1:15 and better at 5:18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b29dYAW_-c
  10. Line6 this is a shimmer request!!!!!
  11. If the solution is to buy an h9 i prefer to sold the helix and buy an axe fx2 or ax8.
  12. migueledge


    I´m trying to make a good u2 shimmer, i used the octoverb but is it not ok, i needo something. I add a particle verb but, i think that i need another effect. What chain do you suggest?? Thanks
  13. Or maybe too much marketing and the same effects since 20 year ago. Yes, it could be the 20th aniversary of line6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Thanks line6!!!
  14. I think helix is a beta product that users are debugged. But it cost too much for debugged, you must pay to users for debug. I think that could be a great unit, but actually are other units better for the same price, i´m going to selling my helix and change for ax8. Maybe when line6 purified Helix I purchase it again or no. ye you are disappointing many users. It is preferable to have less frequency of updates and bring to market a product established.
  15. It sounds pretty good, but i heard multi tracks guitars and i think that maybe post processed, but sound great.
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