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  1. sminchk67

    Trying to make HX Stomp work with Boss FS-5L

    Never mind, I just read in the manual that the HX Stomp wants to see a momentary switch. D'oh!!!
  2. I'm really struggling to get the Boss FS-5L (latching external footswitch) so I can have a dedicated boost switch, but, I'm having no luck getting it work...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott.
  3. sminchk67

    Prince (Purple Rain) Preset Package

    Here's the first tune...
  4. sminchk67

    Freeset Friday AND Black Friday Sale!!!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UncYX7ojJU
  6. sminchk67

    In The Mix Monday!

    In The Mix!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pc6g3vnNrE
  7. sminchk67

    Freeset Friday (Zombie)

    Freeset Friday! Rock on, Scott.
  8. sminchk67

    Name That Riff!

    WINNER!!! Email me for this preset: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com Rock on, Scott.
  9. sminchk67

    Name That Riff!

    Name That Riff (Great White North Edition)!!! Rock on, Scott.
  10. sminchk67

    Holiday Freeset Week!

    Here's my first Freeset of the week: Check out my new website, for more Freesets, Helix tutorials, and preset packages... www.ScottMinchk.com Rock on, Scott.
  11. sminchk67

    New Helix amp models and topology on the DT25

    Any idea how to make the Helix change channels on the DT-25? Thanks, Scott.