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  1. Never mind, I just read in the manual that the HX Stomp wants to see a momentary switch. D'oh!!!
  2. I'm really struggling to get the Boss FS-5L (latching external footswitch) so I can have a dedicated boost switch, but, I'm having no luck getting it work...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott.
  5. In The Mix!!!
  6. Freeset Friday! Rock on, Scott.
  7. WINNER!!! Email me for this preset: Rock on, Scott.
  8. Name That Riff (Great White North Edition)!!! Rock on, Scott.
  9. Here's my first Freeset of the week: Check out my new website, for more Freesets, Helix tutorials, and preset packages... Rock on, Scott.
  10. Any idea how to make the Helix change channels on the DT-25? Thanks, Scott.
  11. I'm trying to do something new, I want to use the Helix as a foot controller for a Kemper Profiling Amp, and, use all of the Helix effects, switching, and expression pedal...but, I'm not well-versed at using MIDI. Any help would be great! Rock on, Scott.
  12. I worked in a tiny music store in Madison, Wisconsin back in the early 90's, and Greg's band, Greg Koch & The Tone Controls would play the Harmony Bar across the street about every other week...on summer nights we would leave the front door open and hear Greg wailing...good times!
  13. WINNER!!! Email me for the preset: Rock on, Scott.
  14. WINNER!!! Email me for the preset: Rock on, Scott.
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