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  1. European time zone...not European band.
  2. Since I use IR's for all of my presets, I've adopted what I call the OwnHammer EQ curve, and have my Global EQ set accordingly...I leave it on all the time, and I don't worry about environmental issues at clubs, that's the sound guy's job, just as if I had a mic'd up cabinet. I only need to make sure the sound to my monitors is where I want it. Here's what Kevin from OwnHammer writes: SOUNDING LIKE A GUITAR TUBE AMP With the files contained in this library there is a very quick, simple step that can be taken to duplicate the sound of a guitar tube power amp with the Presence and Depth set to 0. To replicate this sound, following the cabinet IR loader add an EQ with a parametric bell curve set to -3 dB at 400 Hz. Adjust the Q/bandwidth to roughly where the edges of the curve start to make the initial cut around 100 Hz on the low side and 2 kHz on the high side. If necessary, adjust the Q/bandwidth to taste from here to best suit your sound source and tonal preference. Rock on, Scott.
  3. WINNER!!! Email me to get this preset: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com Rock on, Scott.
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