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  1. Here's the latest Early 80's Rock preset package preview...I know, the Rush preset's flanger isn't right, I was A/B'ing two of them just before filming, and saved the wrong one...it's fixed now, and sounds killer! I'll demo that tone again on Tuesday.
  2. As before, if you want this preset (Freeset), just email me: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com
  3. Dig!!! If you want this preset, email me: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com
  4. Winner! Email me at: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com and I'll send you the preset. Rock on, Scott.
  5. I dig it when you kick in the 2204, very Carlton-esque tone...Nice!
  6. Here you go, the first NTR video...Enjoy!!! Remember, first person to comment with the correct artist and title wins the preset.
  7. Starting today at 6pm (Central Time, US), I'll post a video where I play a riff from the 70's, 80's, or 90's...first person to leave a comment with the correct artist and title wins that preset. I'll post it in three places every Wednesday at 6pm, here, on YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/TheHelixChannel), and on the Facebook Helix users group...three winners each week. Stay tuned!
  8. Cool, thanks for watching! No, I sold the G-System, and gave back the Kemper I was borrowing...now, I'm all in with the Helix. It's really hard to beat the Kemper's amp tones, but, I think the Helix is right up there with the Kemper, plus, it's got far better effects and routings, and switchablility (if that's a word). I added some OwnHammer IR's to my Helix today and now it's better than ever! Rock on, Scott.
  9. Wow, that's a lot of Kansas! Rock on, Scott.
  10. My first Freeset Friday preset...If you want this preset, email me at: TheHelixChannel@gmail.com Rock on, Scott.
  11. Nicely done!!! How many songs do you guys play in a show? Rock on, Scott.
  12. Hey everybody, I'm Scott Minchk, and I've started a new channel on YouTube, dedicated to the Helix...check it out! Here are links to my first two videos: Please, share, subscribe, like (if you dig what I do), and follow me on Twitter, @Helix_Channel Rock on, Scott.
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