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  1. Yeah I've tried this, it's awesome thank you, but I was looking for something to change the story, I mean changing the guitar sound to some famous acoustic guitars! seems like it's hard to find! :(
  2. Hello every one. Does anyone know how to find some IRs for acoustic guitar ? I didn't find anything by googling. I need some IRs in order to use in my Helix for recording acoustic guitar through cable or mic ( which I don't know which one may works better with IRs) The purpose is creating a killer sound with a not perfect acoustic guitar! ...and please advice how to use it? I mean ordering. TNX :)
  3. Thank you for answering, but it was not what I meant! :D Of course logic convert audio to midi and it's not that good, What I meant was something like Boss GT-001! You play your bass guitar and its recording midi! you can even use it as a midi controller for some VST instrument!
  4. Hello everyone, Is it possible to record bass guitar as midi in logic pro x? Thanks in advance for your advice ;)
  5. I can't find this! "Activate the hidden toe switch to toggle between EXP 1 and EXP 2" I can't toggle between exp1 and 2! where is this toe switch?!!
  6. So we can't assign two different wah pedals one to exp1 and another to exp2 and switch the pedal label during a performance?
  7. Thank you guys :) Regarding to Helix, Can you let me know how to change EXP2 to EXP1?! I can only use EXP1, when if adjust wah position or volume or etc, they just fit to EXP2 EXP1 is completely useless! I was hoping to adjust wah to EXP1 and volume to EXP2 and switch during performance!
  8. Hello everyone, Hope you enjoy your wonderful Helix like I do! My question is how to use the blocks? I mean I don't know do I have to place Compressor before or after distortion? wah pedal before or after Amp?! Is there any rule for pacing these stuff to get a better sound? Thanks in advance
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