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  1. Cubase Elements and Helix Native: how to download and install I open this post by stating that I am new to Helix, Helix Native, and Cubase Elements. I bought Helix Rack & Control and when registering the products on the Line6 website, I read about the Cubase Elements + Helix Native bundle offer. Having always been intrigued by the world of home recording, but never having approached it, I took advantage of this offer and made a request. I received my Cubase Elements access code and confirmation that "you now have the Helix Native license in your Line 6 account." I read the info at the suggested link on how to get started with Cubase Elements: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206534564-Download-Access-Code-FAQ but, at the moment, the only thing I have been able to do is download the latest version of Helix Native on line 6 site. I've read all the suggested guides & FAQs but have only gotten headaches and a lot of confusion about what and how to do. Please can you guide me with dummy style directions? - Where to download Cubase Elements? On the Line 6 site or on the Steinberg site? - If, as I imagine I will need to use the Steinberg site, do I need to activate an account there as well? I took a look at the Steinberg site and more confusion was added. - Is the code I received a Steinberg Licensing code and therefore I have to use Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) or an eLicenser-Based code so I need to use eLicenser Control Center? - Should I use the access code to download the package or to activate the program on the PC? - Once I have downloaded Cubase Elements and installed Helix Native, how do I associate it with the license I have on my account? I apologize, I feel like a fool, but it's honestly not clear to a layman like me what to do and I'd like to avoid trial and error. I thank in advance those who will have the patience and kindness to help me.
  2. Maybe but, to attenuate the volume at the beginning of the chain, I can very well use the guitar potentiometer. Thanks for the help.
  3. Ok. Many Thanks to all for the support. I will try the suggested configuration
  4. Good afternoon I would like to control global volume (like turning manually the big weel on top of Helix) using a CC# managed by a pedal. I haven't found the correct CC# Anyone Could help me ? Many thanks in advance Marco
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