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  1. I have gearbox on my old computer which has windows 10. It works perfectly along with the included ableton lite recording software. I bought a new computer, but somehow lost my old installation cds for both gearbox and ableton. I have the codes for gearbox and ableton and the licenses in my line 6 account. does anyone have a direct link (anywhere) that I can download a version of gearbox and ableton light that i can than enter my codes into and use on my new computer. I have searched the download options here on the line 6 and can find nothing. I can't believe they replaced Gearbox with this unusable POD FARM 2 Garbage! What dogsh*t!
  2. I did some searching and found that you can go to your documents then line 6 folder then tones then user you can delete the tones there and they will not show up on gearbox.
  3. Does Anyone know how to delete unwanted old user tones in Gearbox? thank you,
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