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  1. Hello. My Spider Valve HD 100 suffers from the black bars of death syndrome (8 black bars display on the lcd and no sound). I'm from Portugal and the authorized repair service told me that Yamaha (line 6 owner) told them that the problem is the dsp / main pcba board, but unfortunately they no longer have this replacement part, so the official repair service is unnable to repair the amp. That sucks big time, and is a big downside on Line 6 the costumer service. Does anyone know where i can find a dsp/main pcba board for a Spider Valve HD100, or how can I get in touch with Line 6 parts department? Or can anyone tell me if this Line 6 50-02-9325-1,Main PCB with DSP for Spider Valve 112 MkII, can do the job on my Spider Valve HD100 (first generation)?? Link: http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/209041-Line-6-50-02-9325-1 Thanks in advance. PR
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