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  1. Line6 did not go through this firmware update transparently. (They put legal issues above product quality) They chose to reduce the absolute value of the charging capacity regardless of battery condition, treating the G10T that customers have been using for a long time as a defective product to be replaced, and recommend replacing the product only to customers who issue a support ticket. This means that even a brand new product (that can really last 5-6 hours) will become a trash even after a year (depending on usage). All we can do is look for other products?
  2. Of the 144k users, few will come to this forum and write messages after updating the firmware. I don't think this is a negligible few, because many of people here have similar symptoms. I also opened the Ticket with all the experiences and questions I could do in detail, and the answer I received was "It was shortened to 5-6 hours, but it may be something wrong with the transmitter, need replacement." (It's been 2 weeks since I bought new one) I'm also asking Line6 for help based on the warranty, but I'm also disappointed.
  3. For reference, I have been using the G10 for more than 2 years, And it has been a few weeks since I bought and used the new G10s at a local shop. I loved the simplicity and ease of use of this product. :) However, after the firmware update (Both for the Relay g10s Receiver and Transmitter according to the guidelines of Line6), I found that the battery life was apparently reduced. Only one indicator remains on my G10s receiver before I use it for less than 2 hours from the full battery state - 3 indicator in receiver & solid green transmitter LED. This doesn't seem to be the only case for me. I found several people complaining of the same symptoms here in Forum, Facebook Page, and TGP. If you look at a few support tickets or answers, Line6 may says, "You have a problem with your battery and need to replace it." I would like to hear a clear explanation from Line6, but I guess it will be difficult. There is no notice in Recall Page that the usage time will change after Update. However, Line6 has already changed the description of "8 hours" to "6 hours" on the product page and manual (Partially). (Honestly, I wish I could use it for 6 hours ...) -> Existing users obviously made purchases based on advertisements and specs, but there are no notices, rewards, or countermeasures. If you report this problem, Line6 will probably tell you to create a Support Ticket, and you will be asked to replace the unit because there is a problem with the battery. -> I wonder if the G10T that Line6 will resell is an improved hardware. Maybe that's why Line6 is driving replacements, otherwise people who buy new products will complain a lot. Do you guys have any problems with battery life after firmware update? I can't believe that my unit (Used for a few weeks) suddenly broken after firmware update.
  4. I also felt that the battery life of the transmitter was significantly reduced, after updating all the firmware of the G10s. I suspect that the Line6 simply reduced the maximum charging limit itself to prevent overheating. If I knew that the battery duration would change, I would never update since i never had a problem :( If this is obviously due to the firmware, I need a way back to the previous firmware. I also need to create a support ticket. BTW, Will they change the battery life specification in the package and manual???
  5. I'm not in front of my computer so I'm not quite sure. Try to create some kind of "dry" preset with output option of USB 5-6. Then change input channel of your DAW to Input 5-6.
  6. Even without Helix Mac Driver 1.0.4 (in Class compliant mode), I can use all 8 I/O (incl. re-amp) as well as MIDI functions via command center. I think one of important feature of Helix Mac driver is solution for USB audio problems in some OS X versions.
  7. Please check attached Logic Pro X screen shots. It shows better roundtrip latency when Helix Mac Driver NOT installed (using Helix as USB class compliant mode) Yes I know that with Helix Mac driver, i can change sampling rate and control system volume in OS. But Is it ok to understand that Helix Mac Driver still not well implemented for recording performance as an audio interface? * Without Helix Mac Driver (Class Compliant) Device Name : HELIX Audio Roundtrip : 7.9ms Output : 3.4ms Buffer size : 64 * With Helix Mac Driver (1.0.4) Device Name : Line 6 Helix Roundtrip : 16.9ms Output : 9.4 ms Buffer size : 64 EDIT : data fixed :)
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