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  1. Also those who 'don't have the time to listen to 263 amp's' in the demo video your missing out there is some great sounds happening...
  2. Like i said i bough the POD HD 500 first, then when Helix was available bought it, then a variax..i had never previously considered the Fractal..until now..and I do like the idea of 'instant gratification' rather than have to tweek to get to that result.
  3. Yeah right.....I am sure your so secure with your ability and playing and little bass playing.
  4. Nope i read it and i don't agree i think it would not sound the same as good tone comes from the person playing it not the electronics only
  5. Well completely don't agree and luck its not that way. You can have all the best gear, the exact gear and never sound as good or close if its not in you to do so. Anyone can learn a riff but make it sing is a different deal.
  6. To all those that are complaining about this post or think i am just trying to justify AXFX 3 purchase...I have Line 6 Helix, POD 500 and a Variax for years. I bought third party IR's and presets built my own and have some decent sounds but it hasnt been easy, Helix has always been not pleasing with their presets (default) ..AXFX just the sheer number of amps and ir's dwarfs helix. That said there is plenty i like about Helix, like the form factor, the build quality, the led's the integrated expression pedal the editor.However when i go and check out all the guitarists I like, in most cases AXFX is part of their rig ..cant say the same for Line 6. So either they know something or maybe because you are so loyal to your purchase and really its 'good enough' but for me, at the end of the day i want to be inspired by the tones not fighting, tweeking eq mastering and un fizzing... All that said, I already own alot of line 6 and will continue to use it...for now
  7. cruisinon2--- you always yak but say nothing
  8. Well more like a tweaker's nightmare. I have spent alot of time with Helix, got about as good as i think possible ..
  9. No i am just asking for those who say helix is great to post a clip so i can hear it...
  10. Kilrahi ..still waiting to hear something you have done on helix..anything
  11. cruisinon2 - I know you have been around for awhile, can you post something you have done with helix that sounds good to your ears?
  12. Seriously..I think that as a Helix owner you really 'want' it to be ok...and there is good reason for that. But that said, if you dont here a difference you really should not buy an AXFX 3..just sayin..
  13. Just an FYI the price on AXFX 3 is now Now: $2,249.99
  14. Kilrahi Just curious, but do you like Hawaiian pizza? If your asking do I like crappy sound? no If I was betting, I would bet you would not post anything you have done on helix...
  15. No offense but if you cant here the difference..your likely fine with Helix..for me its night and day..
  16. Listening to that video demo, Helix doesnt sound anywhere close
  17. Hi All Not trying to start trouble...I have been a very long time Line 6 user (POD 500 and Helix owner) but just listening to the 'stock' Fractal AXFX 3 sounds (263 amps) this thing kills...I just dont think there is any real comparison..maybe Line 6 can update Helix..and maybe its just me but damm I dont get that feeling listeing to the stock patches of helix or third party or my custom presets.. What do you guys thinK? DEMO of Fractal AXFX 3 presets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEPZIQ6Yqzk
  18. Anyone who uses a DAW and doesnt use direct monitoring (like in an overdub) will notice that Line 6 helix USB driver isnt great for low latency In fact Line 6 has Never had a decent low latency USB driver for any product (ASIO ro MAC) All that said if you use the helix and monitor using direct monitor 9ie no dubs no plug-ins) you wont notice an issue. ..there are tons of great low latency high quality Audio devices out there..for me i connect Helix via spdif to my focusrite Liquid 56. works swell
  19. From what I can tell this is a design flaw. Line 6 mapped the tone control to model changes and when you set the model to a snap shot then change the tone the model changes and whats worse is the snap shot now uses the new model and not the saved one REALLY SUX
  20. Why do IR's 'feel' different, less responsive than the built in cabs? So in attempt to get better tones i started down the path of IR's trying ones from the sigma, OwnHammer and others. ~While they 'can' sound great and more of an end production sound, they do not 'feel as responsive as the built in cabs (comapring examples would be Cali v30 or the Vintage 25 to a similar IR;. I like the way they sound but the 'feel' is rough ie not fluid like the built in cabs.. Do you have the same opinion ? I know i could be trippin but every time i swap back to built in cabs it feels way better (not sound better) and that in turn makes me play better. Are there any better IR solutions that do feel better? More dynamic?
  21. Its not sooo serious..and in fact its a what ever kind of deal...just thought it was an odd move
  22. Its legit..it just doesn't fall into the typical reports..
  23. From what I can tell, the Guitar input is affected by the setting input impedance but the VDI I dont hear anything change...in fact i dont think its supposed to
  24. Yeah i agree, but as its been pointed out the icon button isn't exactly obvious and also its been a SAVE dialog forever and now oh we need to remove that 'save text'for something less obvious...how about a dimm box with no dialog? great idea But sure, eventually even dummies like me figure out thats the 'new and improved' save option. I just thought maybe its some hidden preference...and yeah I miss the 'save' dialog..as it was obvious a change was made..now its not so obvious..
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