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  1. Thanks...kinda sucks Line 6 support of Variax, they really really do not test everything and thats pretty obvious from all the issues I have with Variax and Helix
  2. Yes I saved each change and tested them as well and they switch as expected..but ..they randomly change and i think thats due to tone knob somewhere allowed to change the patch..but it shouldnt
  3. Why is Variax + Helix changing to the wrong models in snap shots? So i painfully went and programmed each snap shot with a specific model I want to use..so far great..I go to use them and it seems that touching tone or volume (not sure which) is causing the models to change in the snap shots..I set Custom -1 and later its some random instrument like Lester or spank or whatever. i checked Helix editor and only assign is model via snap shots (in brackets) and tone and volume all say 'dont force' If i lock out the tone knob in the editor the models stay put...not sure where this is not working or if its a bug.. I need my tone knob so thats not an option
  4. Thanks for that...yes its on.. will try again..this entire variax deal has been not soo fun
  5. I sent a detailed description of the issue and all the cables plus step by step on how to test it. I got back the variax and of course none of the cables were even undone and the Variax is NOT seen by Workbench hd...(via helix) no matter what. I did get from Line 6 a new version of the VDI USB and that does work reliably (thank you) but still a drag not to be able to connect helix and variax and workbench all via one CABLE
  6. Well as for my specific tone on the recording...thats how I play and like it (searing) but ...the word 'glassy ' is a good description of what i dont like about Helix. Again, this is in every single amp and cab not my custom patch's but in the models. There are some plugins and modelers that dont have this glassy sound...fizzy Thanks for the opinions
  7. Helix goes XLR out to focusrite pre's (but same applies if i use SPDIF direct from helix. This cant be a mystery anyone who listens helix should hear that kind of scooped sound..I am trying global eq, block eq and IR's so far not really getting the sound i want....or at least what i hear in my head. With some effort it does work out but listening to the raw amp + cabs or ir's isnt pleasing...here is my current sound https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-3-16/
  8. So no its AMP + Cab or IR (FYI so far IR's at either 1024 or 2048 sound ok but feel ..stiff..) My observation is everything sounds (be default) like there is an over all 'scoop' EQ.
  9. Hi..no thats not what i am saying at all...when i hear helix and compare to say AXFX or others i 'hear' a big difference in the default EQ of an amp and cab. In the other systems there is not this kinda eq smiley face that Line 6 has (no not using global eq or block)
  10. Hi All, sure you have discusse dthis before but.. Do you use EQ globally or as a block or not at all? The reason I ask this is when i hear guitar players not using Line 6 Helix they seem to have a more mid range sound and when I hear Helix (most of the time) its like the sound of it has a EQ curse that ..well is lacking that mid range. So if you see that too do you add a global EQ or EQ in line in a block? Its kinda like when you add a good IR thats been properly mic in the studio with EQ. https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-3-16/ (latest recording) our post process deals with this but i want to have a more pleasing sound during our session Someone described it as a kinda a scooping EQ (describing Line 6 sound by default
  11. Jamkazam.com let me know if you have any questions on that. Yes its really awesome ..once your setup...and dont use the helix usb drivers as they wont get you there you need a low latency audio interface
  12. Jo. Helix dual amp (dual path) using a rectifier and Solo OD , cabs are 4x12 v30's (two of them) one miced close and the other from a small distance So its Helix with nothing else ..except i run helix outputs into two channels of focusrite red pre's. When i say 'Live Recording' I am talking about 'live over the internet' from remote locations ..we are about 2000 miles apart and we use Jamkazam software which allows the live in the same room play over the internet
  13. Rock!...thanks...really appreciate it
  14. Hello All!, first session of 2018! Using Variax and Helix listen to SuMo *(SuperMassiveMomentum) perform live over the internet from California, Colorado and Canada ..all in real time!. SuMo is three veteran musicians playing unscripted improvised progressive music...heavy, grooving, shredding...its all here!. Listen the the master at 96k!. Comments welcome. Tech: I used some of the new reverb's in this recording (spotlight my favorite) Follow us on our adventure https://www.facebook.com/SupermassiveMomentum/ https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-3-16/
  15. Actually it does make a difference. The SPDIF sounds good fine but plugging into a good preamp makes a difference to my ears (ie better) I have two liquid audio preamps which are emulators of the real high end stuff , I find the Focusrite red pres sound really really good. Here is what they sound like https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2017-10-13-1/
  16. ok cool, I will try a split, volume pedals...and I agree they do exactly what they are supposed 9snap shots) but its not perfect
  17. Snap Shots, is there a way to go from Distortion to Clean Sound and back seamlessly? In my use case I have a Distorted and clean sound> When I am playing gain sound and holding a note then hit snap shot with clean the cut off of the previous amp or if I use the same amp and go from distored to clean you hear the switch abruptly. Maybe its a feature to allow amp 'trails'. (NOTE I already use trails on all my reverb and delays but still doesn't get me there..
  18. cool going to try that..my parameters for snap shots is already huge so must be getting near 64
  19. So this is a remix from last year. Recorded live from remote locations (Canada, CA, and Denver) Helix and Variax https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2017-10-13-1/
  20. Snap Shots, is there a 'enable all parameters' option? Maybe its just me or you guys know an easy way to do this but for snap shots going through and enabling each parameter I want to use is a PIA. I just want the Snap Shots to work like: 1) Start patch 2) Go to next snap shot, adjust the paremeters 3) Go to next snap shot, update parameters So if was only 1 or two things to change wouldnt be a issue but since in each snap shot I want to many parameters it makes this process very lenghty Is there some global option or function key to enable all parameters for snap shots?
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