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  1. So for me, i do everything 'in the studio' but its a live performance over the internet. I am in No Cali, Bass is in Denver CO and the Drummer is in Canada. Its all in stereo with Headphones on. In fact other than I ahead of time will put together a few patches for the jam session everything you heard was live on the fly improvisation. I guess if i ever actually played live I would use both FOH and a stereo amp setup for the stage...I currently plug in the XLRs from Helix to the Focusrite liquid pre's for the best sound. NOTE I tried the Line 6 USB driver and that was awful latency. i used the SPDIF outs and that was good but the focusrite pre's sounded the best.
  2. nice..thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply, regarding 'The EQ is for rolling off low and high and boosting the overall level a little bit more' I have heard many people tell me they do this but so far I have not been able to get my ears liking rolling off the highs and lows in fact I generally boost them..but trying different versions for sure... Also, regarding 'I really prefer to use my effects for creating a tone vs "oh, that's chorus" or "oh, that's phaser". I like it to blend in and others have to ask what the heck I'm using' I agree with that, I want an over all picture.. MJ
  4. The Video is stock footage..its nice Video for sure! I wasnt planning on distributing the patch but I can say its a work in progress and if you have questions of the block usage, eq's or settings I can comment on that too. Thanks!, interested how you guys use the dual paths...
  5. Awesome! Thank you
  6. Not a movie, its just a one off. Thanks for the response!
  7. MarkJarvis

    Dual Amp setups

    Hi All Wanted to see how you are using dual amp setups. I have been experimenting trying to get a tone I like using two amps hard panned. Since I play in a three piece (Guitar Bass, Drums) it gets kinda thin sometimes so I tried doing some effects on one path or the other which ended up sounding pretty cool. This video was set to our recent online live session and has this kind of dual path setup described above. Path A Soldano Lead Panned hard right with a tremolo in line Path B Rectifier With a Pitch Whammy panned hard left I leave the mix so that the Guitar path stays complete while leaving the effects to create a kind of 'been over dubuded' sound but still only the one live performance
  8. Well, it looks like there is no update coming soon... :( Maybe NAMM 2018? Or will HELIX be sunset?
  9. HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update?? Seems this is taking along time? Appreciate the response MJ Latest recording with Helix and Variax https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/supermassivemomentum-live-10-13-2017/
  10. Thanks All for the responses. For me I use the additional audio interfaces because I have several keyboards, drums, Vocal processor and a PODHD500 and that is a lot of inputs/outputs plus Helix line 6 USB driver doesnt get the latency as low as I need it for playing online over the internet (the saphire gets down to 2.96 ms Latency @ 32 buffer size) That said, I am going to try the USB connect of Helix just to hear the difference in the recording application
  11. HELIX - How do you input the audio for performance or recording? What I have observed is a big difference in the way Helix 'sounds' depending on how you input the audio. I am using the XLR outputs and connecting to various pre-amps. I have a Focusrite Saphire, two channels of Liquid pre's and 8 channels of Prosonus Digimax. I decided just to see what the Helix sounded like through the Prosonus (i usually use it for Keyboard channels). I was reall taken back out how (in my opinion horrible) Helix sounded using the Prosonus, very harsh and 'fizzy' pre-amps are not clipping and are set correctly. Then went back to the Focusrite and was like 'oh, thats better'.I have heard several discussions on here about Helix sounding bad or fizzy or whatever so I ask.. HELIX - How do you output the audio for performance or recording? Do you use a set of pre-amps, or go via SPDIF or some Audio Interface and what are your results ? Have you noticed anything sounding better that the other? Appreciate the responses MJ https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/supermassivemomentum-live-9-8-2017/
  12. Sooo, regarding 'On the topic of Fizz' ​What I have observed and this was driving me nuts...I have a few different preamps, Focusrite Saphire, Focusrite Liquid pres and prosonus. I decided 'hey why dont I try the prosonus pre's (which I usually use for inputs from my keyboards)....damm if what I heard was almost a fizz kind of sound (reminded me of using an SM57 in the studio)..Helix just did not sound right. Fizz, harsh, unpleasant. So my real question now is what are you using to record connect your Helix? Is is better to connect the Helix via spdif rather than use any preamp?
  13. I think they sound pretty good together.... recorded with Helix and Variax using the stock LP setting https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/supermassivemomentum-live-9-8-2017/
  14. So, assuming here that I have fair skills and good ears as well as being a recording engineer for a long time what I am talking inst really 'subjective' its based on an overall sound quality, where the AXE FX sits in the mix from a position of EQ. The unit seems harsher in the high end (Helix) which translates into a harsher feel. I know that i can get a good or bad patch on both so i really not talking about the patches.
  15. Hello All Sorry to bring this up if its already been discussed in detail. Helix, AXE FX II, do you hear a big difference? The reason i ask this recently I was playing listening to Helix while another person was playing AXE FX II and while both sound great, the AXE FX II seemed to have a sonic quality that I was not hearing in Helix. I thought well maybe its the pre amps I am using (focusrite and prosonos) but still its really on the high end and depth the AXE FX seems to be far more clear over the helix which seemed far more harsh, No I am not using global eq although I tried that too. Helix at its base patches seems thinner...custom patches Helix on its own sounds great until AXE FX playing in the same mix. Dunno, I might be crazy would be interested in your thoughts. NOTE This is not to bash Helix or Line 6, I have been Line 6 customer for many many years
  16. @willrock what do you mean by 'but there is just tooooo much that Helix needs. '? If you dont want or need more different amps, cabs and fx what are you saying Helix really needs?
  17. For me personally, I hear AXFX and Kemper models and wonder home come we dont have as much selection...
  18. I can understand that. Updates are never soon enough Thanks for the reply
  19. When will we see new models and firmware for helix??... Its been way too quiet..are we at the end of the line for new models?
  20. Hi ..Just thought i would share... This is a recording of a live Jam session over the internet from Canada, No California and Denver. Completely live using Jamkazam.com software. (in realtime) Delay was about 28 ms from each location. 512 kbps constant bit rate, stereo. The additional pads are coming from my HD500 connected with the 1/4 cable from the Variax. Its pretty awesome what we can do now and not even be in the same location https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/supermassivemomentum-live-8-5-2017/ Helix using firmware 2.21, HD500 and Variax
  21. DESCRIPTION Scene mode- Allow for efx blocks to be swapped Allow for efx blocks to 'trail' into updated block\ Example: Allows for new sets of efx blocks to be used in one patch basically creating a way to switch 'patches' seamlessly by creating scenes of patches Fairly sure this is a frequent request..
  22. Hi All. So finally got the Workbench HD talking through the USB Variax Interface. Firmware good to go however still cant get Helix working with Workbench HD. I think its some confused driver issue even though I have replaced it several times. when I try Helix workbench HD and JTV I get ' 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher.' which is a bogus error since it works fine with the Variax USB interface and the firmware is up to date and working. Obviously I tried disconnecting all Line 6 devices and the Variax USB interface to see if I could get it talking. On this system I have had HD500, POD farm and other devices.
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