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  1. Line 6 HELIX 2.20 update is awesome! After installing the new update I found that the stock presets are now WAY better. I was disappointed with the new Amp model (was expecting an awesome modern high gain distortion amp) so not exactly what i was expecting. Other than that, personally found everything else to sound much better than it previously did. Stock presets were not really so inspiring but they sound way better now! Great job Line 6 keep em coming!
  2. Where and when? seems the date keeps changing??
  3. Good news. Line 6 came through on this repair (got it for xmas as a gift) they looked at my history of purchases (Helix, HD500, UX-1, Model packs, Bass pod Pro and variax) and the serious issue of the unit burning ups its electrical and is honoring the warranty repair. Very happy Line 6 came through. a bit concerned about Variax, I did not even consider it could fail like this and that makes me wonder a bit about the future. Love the JTV 69 (K) baby blue but I hope this is not a known issue that can occur. Anyway thanks all for reply M
  4. Variax JTV 69, burning electrical, now doesnt work, Line 6 refused to repair it So I got the JTV 69 for xmas 2016. A few days ago I started smelling burning electrical, the strings at the bridge started popping (breaking) and the unit wont power up. I tried with and without battery (Battery shows power). Variax is connected to my Helix. Support responded to my support for warranty repair saying they would not take any action unless I proved I bought it from a dealer. I registered the Variax i provided the serial number but thats seems not enough. Very concerned that Line 6 (have bought HD 500, Bass Pod, UX1 and Helix) would now put up such a fight for something soo serious like the Variax catching fire in its electronics rendering the guitar useless. I cant believe the only concern of this tech support person was the customer proving where it was bought from??? Feeling ripped off and neglected...and that this may be a lemon.... Can anyone help? L6TID: 295168
  5. BUG: If you multi on/off an amp cab and effects and swicth between another multi am cab and effects (say a clean and dirty tone) you get a noticeable 'pop' when turning the gained multi on or off. When you do the same using a channel 2a 2b (using a/b template) you dont have the same 'pop'. in this setup your limited to two tones The use case is several dedicated amp setups in one patch that you can switch between and this supposed to be better that you can assign 'trails' to the delays and other effects (unlike when you switch patches).but the 'pop' when engaging the mult makes this useless Please advise Mark replication 1) Create a amp/cab and delay mult 2) Create another amp/cab and delay mult in teh same patch 3) Switch between then turning on and off the mults 4) This should be done while playing and normal interval to switch NOTE Use a clean distorted gained amp. NOTE Do not use template A/B to do this
  6. HELIX using IR for cabs seem not to be responsive like the Line 6 Helix cabs are. is this expected? I like the IR's and they sound really good, better than the L6 cabs but they dont 'feel' better..lack any dynamics at all. Any thought on this?
  7. Helix FW 2.20 Preview (The "Get Low" Update) When is this due? Sooner the better
  8. Ok thats great, tested and that was it. That said. why does it even have the other mode and I noticed when using this mode that tapping interrupts (slightly) particle reverb?
  9. Hello Helix Team Defect Tap tempo produces audible artifacts when tapping tempo while playing. Steps 1) Install firmware 1.6 or beta 1/10 2) Open a patch or create one 3) Assign a delay 4) Switch delay to time. (set to 1/4) 5) Play the sound (strum chords) 6) Attempt to tap the tempo 7) Repeat step #6 changing various tempos Expected Delay will change tempo based on user tap and no artifacts will be heard. Actual Delay will change tempo based on user tap and however artifacts will be heard. NOTE Artifacts are 'sqwelch' 'chirp' rapid up and down delay computer glitch sound NOTE If not playing while taping artifacts are not noticeable. Attempting while playing and entering tempos bad artifacts are heard, Legacy HD500 does not have this issue.
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