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  1. @gunpointmetal ...guess you did NOT listen to the link
  2. The over all response seems to be the same..its not great and the best way is in front of the amp for single notes. That said i am sure everyone can get creative and make some use of the twin harmony. BTW The twin harmony in front of an amp also sounds bad..using more than just one harmony..kinda the same as two guitarist plugging in the same input on an amp...
  3. I posted it like three times...you just have to listen to it.. So I am not trying to emulate anything, just trying to get a harmony lead I like thats usable..which I have managed to do using the smart harmonizer (legacy) in front of amp # 2 of dual amp setup
  4. uh......80's vibe ..yeah I guess, if thats the kinda thing your into...
  5. Actually as a lead tone is the ONLY way it sounds good (before the amp) if you check this out https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-5-11/#t=2019 sounds like a over dubbed lead harmony to me in fact i bet you cant tell which is the harmony (left or right channel) Anyway lots of opinions on this and I think we all agree that pitch and harmony is not Helix strongest feature ;)
  6. Thank telemudcat...well so far it doesnt sound ok for me in between the amp and cab either. In fact on the clip I shared its the legacy smart harmony in front of the amp #2 sounds the most real in my opinion.
  7. Thanks Duncann...as you might hear in the clip I posted, i use it 'pre' amp and for single notes which to my ears sounds the most like an overdub..its disappointing not to find good use for the twin harmony (as it sounds bad to me post amp) sounds fake like a Digitech processor)
  8. Thanks for the example...well its about what I expect and you have it blended real low... that said...still not what i would expect..and certainly not an eventide!
  9. @DunedinDragon, ok cool may we 'hear' a sample of you using it post amp and have it sounding good?
  10. Thanks thurston9 Here is a small clip from my recent live recording (live jam over the internet) using the harmonizer the only way so far I have made it sound right I think its only in the first 30 seconds i am using it..have a listen https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-5-11/#t=2019
  11. WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad? Hi Guys, so really want to know how you are making the harmonizer sound good. If you insert it 'post amp' like effects like delay ..you get stereo and two harmony and cool stuff like panning ..but damm it sounds awful... The only way I have gotten Harmony working decently is to put it in front of one of two amps (dual setup) and set the mix to 100%. I cant use the dual harmony that way unless i just only use one part harmony. Harmonizing an amp sounds really bad in my opinion and while sure i can find use for it..its not solution. How are you making it sound great?
  12. A bit about the Helix patches I used, these are all 'dual' amp setups, mostly all with Helix cabs but I have one or two patches I used ir's (2048) Keeping everything very stereo is my main focus as well as good tone.. I am very much interested what you guys think about the guitar tone
  13. Hi Everyone..been awhile since I posted ...here is SuMo (supermassivemomentum) newest live session. Recorded live over the internet from remote locations, Mastered at 96k. Experimental progressive improvisation, lots of guitar and bass craziness..heavy, grooving.. I use HELIX (2.54) and Variax.....powerful ! have a listen! Comments welcome https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-5-11/
  14. Dude, lets see the patch...can you please simply post it or make one showing the issue
  15. Hi Phil_m Thanks for replying, i dont think this is right though..regardless of 'why' I am panning there are a left and right on 2A (two amps) and they merge and send to 2A so thast still two channels left and right then i pull the stereo delay to 2b now that 'should' still respect the fact i have a left and right from the first path but it doesnt. In fact if I do the exact same thing with one channel (not two amps just ) and then do the same thing on 2b it works correctly.
  16. So as far as i can tell this is a bug! Description Dual path on 2A merge mixer panned hard right left Add delay (stereo) and move to 2b Make sure the split mixer in 2b panned hard left and right The reason to do this is like in a single path you want the amp sound a bit more separated from the effects (as in not send the amp through the efx) Excpected Effects should stay stereo Actual Effects, even though stereo and two signals are present only one side does anything. See attached preset. ex_no_stereo.hlx
  17. BUG Description If path 2a (stereo folded back) is used and then in path 2b you attempt to move stereo effect blocks to 2b second path, the stereo effects end up mono event tough they show stereo. In 2A Using (1) amp block then add another to 2a and move it to the second path (panning at the relative mixer sections) then fold 2a (1-2) back to mixer (hard panned then send to path 2b, from 2b add effects in stereo and pull those to 2b (#2) you expect the effects to stay stereo but then turn mono.
  18. Thanks...some interesting input for sure
  19. Well the pre-amps sound very lacking in terms of if i was trying to use them as a amp source (over using the full amp model) Still ..very interested in creative ways people are using the pre amps.
  20. What are you using the pre blocks for?... reason i am asking is so far not really finding ever using them....I tried 1) Using as an amp before a cab 2) Using a pre before an amp block (yuk) While they use less dsp I am not finding them useful so I am asking you what and how are you using them if at all.
  21. well, in the case of stereo distortion and dual amps, it sounds different than a mono block (ie better) the smart harmony doesnt see to follow the path
  22. Yeah your right..I am using a JTV 69 (blue) with fw 2.13 (latest, last)
  23. ok Silverhead..questions for you Q) You created a patch with snap shots Q) You added different Guitar models to each snap shot Q) You tested each snap shot and made sure the model was correct Q) You then randomly switched snap shots while viewing the Helix LCD (that shows the Variax models assigned) Q) You repeated the steps above and while switching you did things like touch the tone knob or adjust it and then reviewed the results to see if the models were still assigned correctly? FYI latest firmware and Helix/editor
  24. Hello All My questions are around 'how do you use stereo paths, effects and routing? Q) Do you use 'stereo' distortion in front of an AMP? If I use a dual path with two amps and a stereo Distortion in front of the two amps and I pan A/B is this really creating a stereo path? Q) Do you use a split path with effect in parallel or series? Q) Have you noticed that the smart harmony block, in stereo if its in front of a dual path does NOT split the harmony out to discrete stereo? Q) Do you notice anything interesting about stereo block effects before amp paths?
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