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  1. what ever...just trying to figure out of the SAVE wording is missed by anyone else @rs2rk exactly
  2. For an Uber Guru Phil not exactly impressed
  3. Hi Phil I know that (duh) but it used to save 'save' now it doesnt and thats kinda annoying Maybe you like it better?
  4. Now that the 'save' has been replaced by a weird little box (greys/highlightswhen save option) I wonder if I missed the memo on why this was changed or if its some preference somewhere?
  5. 'But a more significant effect is the high frequency rolloff that results from high-impedance guitar pickups and the 1/4" cable capacitance' Yeah that about sums its...response is different as well but the high roll back is appreciated in the 1/4 connection
  6. Why does the vdi cable sound different, meaning worse and a bit less responsive than a 1/4 cable? Have you noticed that? I was using the VDI for along time and finally after frustration with harsh almost dry feel tried the 1/4 and it was much smoother! I tried other Ethernet cables sounds the same as the vdi cable...the 1/4 inch guitar jack sounds well more like a guitar
  7. Yeah it it is but its cool to hear how people are making helix work for them... So I went back to the drawing board and started over with a different approach, before I tended to turn controls 'up' like master and sag, bias but as I re approach this I started with 'reducing' the master section including its parameters and that seems to have smoothed things out a lot...not so harsh... Will post a sample this weekend..
  8. Only way the Harmonizer works with best is use the legacy Smart harmony, Set to 100% wet in front of its own amp block. That will bend and polyphonic all day long and sound awesome..awesomer..:)
  9. Chunk fest..pretty cool Here is a recent live recording, my current tone.... https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-5-11/
  10. Please do..I will as well maybe people here can tell me what i am doing wrong also this was pretty helpful..https://helixhelp.com/models/amps/
  11. @ cruisinon2 , Oh and I seriously doubt that you 'all' have mastered using Helix...but that said, lets hear what some of your sound tones are like. Not to put you on the spot just more curious to hear how great you managed to make it sound.
  12. Thats great, yeah with no endless hours of effort would be nice.
  13. oh and what is 'That's why I moved to a PC+,' ?
  14. I think this is a situation where you can't please all the people all of the time Uh, no thats not it at all..a metal platform? hardly and i dont need more razor blade tones or rectifiers i just want the distotion and gain to sound right when you turn them on.. currently they dont
  15. Your right about that..my expectation is that Helix should sound great. So for reference, the way i use Helix is only with the XLR out to an interface (focusrite) and also via SPDIF I use the liquid channels on the interface because they do provide some smooth out quality over SPDIF ..that said one thing i was thinking is that the headphone out of Helix sounds way different than using it xlr to an interface. (I dont use the USB I/O because the device driver latency is too high)
  16. Regarding 'I like to look at it as the models have all the frequencies if I want them, but I can EQ or whatever to shape the tone to my preferences..' well you may like to spin it that way but in my opinion and all the hours of using it thats sub optimal and no all the frequencies are NOT there ..well maybe they are but what a PIA to get rid of them.. and yeah you 'can' make it sound useful and in a mix sure it 'can' sound good but what i am saying is not new. I would expect that a flagship product would not need some much tweaking to get it to 'sound good' for high gain and distortion. in fact I feel its a problem in how every single amp and distortion was modeled. They should never have been allowed to be released like that. The product team at Line 6 who are no dummies, should have fixed this long ago. Sorry just ranting cuz the price tag of a AFX 3 is way way too high..but looking back maybe not as expensive as all the time tweaking the Helix.
  17. I am happy you 'love' your Helix. For me, I have been struggling with getting a good (ie smooth) higher gain distortion sound. I find that mostly everything sounds harsh and fizzy when you pull up the gain/drive. In fact I have to battle just to get a tone that I like and am inspired by. There are other platforms out there (AXFX) that seem more pleasing out of the box but maybe you dont agree? I have added third party IR and bought some patch bundles because I was thinking I just was doing something wrong. I then realized my patches were actually better (for me) then anything I heard or bought. That said..I am hoping Helix will get a much needed update to its distortion and gain amps so. I just want it sound sound better without having to add a block to remove unwanted freq..i mean why does it have unwanted freq and fizz (not good fizz but harsh fizz) I am no hater on Line 6, I have had all the Pods and Helix i just want it to sound better than it does. (in my opinion)
  18. So that's not an answer..does anyone know when and what will be added?
  19. Will we see a new firmware with any major update? sorry If this was already discussed.
  20. Yes there is latency, but unlike speed of sound, you can go a lot further latency wise at 1/4 the speed of light. So in our sessions, we are separated by 27 ms (one way) latency). The max for any session to be fairly in sync is about 30 ms one way and that is usually about 800-1200 miles (give or take) The key to it all is a very low latency audio interface device and a strong internet connection with little to low jitter.
  21. Well that said, we have video as well but the looseness is because it 100% improvisation. So its performance, create and record all on the fly. No pre-arrangments
  22. New live recording over the internet.Helix and Variax. Hi all, wanted to share our latest live session recording. SuMo is 100% live rock improvisation over the internet. From 1500 miles apart, Bassist Joe Jeffries (Denver, CO USA), Drummer Karl Jurczyk (Vancouver, BC Canada) and Guitarist Mark Jarvis (San Francisco, CA USA) perform live unscripted rock alternative fusion improvisation. Come hear us grind out a wild performance..comments always welcome...mastered at 96k. Helix FW 2.53, Variax (mostly mag pickups on this one) Jamkazam.com software used for the remote low latency application. https://hearthis.at/joejeffries/sumo-2018-6-8/
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