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  1. labirn

    Helix 2.9

    Looking forward to "soon" coming soon.
  2. Everything is okay with (old) workbench, updating Variax 300 with new firmware, reflashing, etc. Except: I cannot update any of the patches. As soon as I start uploading a patch to the Variax 300, UBS interface starts flashing on UBS side, no flashing on Variax side (just green) and then error with connection and also connection to workbench is lost. Happens on Mac and on Windows. So problem must be on Variax side. Does anybody know what the problem could be? (I got the 300 recently, second hand. Only had JTV's so far)
  3. labirn

    Helix App for Mac

    Thank you so much for your answer. My mistake. I was using the Helix V1.11 beta!! Please feel free delete this topic and thanks again for the clarification!
  4. labirn

    Helix App for Mac

    I fully understand that the Helix App for Mac is still in beta state, as buggy as it is... but I don't understand why there isn't a finished version available after such a long time. Was the Helix too cheap to develop some Mac software ;)?
  5. Latency: Actually I thought that latency would be too high with software monitoring. And it might be. But then, software monitoring wouldn't make sense with the onboard effects and the D.I.-out possibility. My theoretical impression from the above comments is, that a 'serious' audio interface will produce a better sound in combination with a microphone. For guitar sounds a direct (and DI) recording straight from the Helix might just be the best way.
  6. Hi, What kind of quality (and usability) can I expect from the Helix? As an audio interface, would it compare, in terms of sound quality, to a RME or Focusrite Clarett? My guess is, that guitar-wise it would but microphone-wise it would be behind a 'real' interface (more noise, more latency). Can you prove me wrong? When it comes to handling, switching between different outputs (i.e. 2 sets of active speakers); is that easy and quick? Can the volume be adjusted really quickly? P.S. My idea is to replace a RME Babyface Pro with a Helix.
  7. When purchasing an HD Model Pack, can I install it on both of my POD HD500?
  8. Actually I am interested into the very same thing: how is the routing done underneath the pickguard? Would be cool if someone could provide a picture.
  9. Power requirements and plug wiring (plus and minus) are shown on the bottom of the POD HD500. You can go into an electronic store and get a power supply with the same plug. Still I suggest to get an original replacement. Got to your local music store. Many of the cheap power supplies don't deliver real 'clean' power and add noise or hiss or hum to the sound.
  10. I have two POD HD500 that I would like to keep in sync. Without using a computer with 'HD500 Edit'. I'd like to use my iPhone with the MIDI Mobilizer or iRig MIDI to record a MIDI sysex dump and apply this to the other POD. But it seems to me that there is no sysex dump feature available. Am I right? Hopefully not...
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