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Cannot update patches on Variax 300

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Everything is okay with (old) workbench, updating Variax 300 with new firmware, reflashing, etc. Except: I cannot update any of the patches. As soon as I start uploading a patch to the Variax 300, UBS interface starts flashing on UBS side, no flashing on Variax side (just green) and then error with connection and also connection to workbench is lost. Happens on Mac and on Windows. So problem must be on Variax side. Does anybody know what the problem could be?

(I got the 300 recently, second hand. Only had JTV's so far)

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What firmware are you trying to update the 300 to?


If the guitar side is green and the USB computer side is flashing red,

then there is a problem on the computer side. Maybe some OS compatibility with the interface.


Is the interface Driver program the latest version?



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