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  1. I have a Variax Standard transplant project in the works. I have the cavities designed, but Fusion360-to-SVG file conversion issues are stopping me from loading them into my CNC at the moment. I'll let you know if I ever get to the finish line successfully. The intended recipient guitar:
  2. I have a similar but slightly different problem. I'm hoping to record video with my iPhone 6 camera with the sound coming from Mobile POD. Even though I have Mobile POD running in the background and can hear the Mobile POD-processed audio via my headphones plugged into my Sonic Port while my camera is recording video, the actual video only gets the dry unprocessed audio. Is there an easy solution to this?
  3. Did you do the mods to Jennifer Batten's 69? Just curious, I've always been amazed by her playing and only just learned that she uses a JTV.
  4. OK, thanks for that. I'll look up your prior posts on this.
  5. Since I'm about to embark on a transplant project, would you please share with me your warnings of what not to do? :) I understand that the models won't sound like L6 intended them.
  6. burningyen

    IR referencing and hi cut

    From Ben Adrian over on TGP:
  7. burningyen

    IR referencing and hi cut

    Something's definitely not right there. Do you mind posting pics of the signal routing and clips of the recordings?
  8. burningyen

    Pitch Shift Issues after the 2.0 Update

    I haven't tried since the update, but even pre-2.0 the Pitch Wham effect was *significantly* more warbly if I set both heel and toe at -1 than if I simply set heel at -1 and toe at 0 and made sure the patch was set to default at full heel.
  9. burningyen

    Helix Bug Reports

    Here's an Editor bug I ran into last night: I took an existing preset X and edited it and saved it as a new preset Y. I then dragged and dropped preset Y in between presets C and D, but that resulted in preset X appearing both there and in its original location and preset Y disappearing completely. I turned the Helix off and on again, and then saw that the new preset X in between presets C and D had some of the edits that I had made in preset Y. FWIW, I also had Garageband open and was making all of my preset edits on the Helix itself. I only used the Editor for preset ordering.
  10. Here's the direct link to the Ideascale page for others who are interested in this feature: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/A-user-defined-scale-to-program-all-12-notes-for-Thin-Lizzy/780865-23508
  11. Elantric over on vguitarforums hipped me to the fact that these are the same thread as the Fender import screws. So I have one of those installed as a temporary fix while I await the arrival of a permanent replacement. Here are the specs: thread: M3 x 0.5 length: 6mm point: cone I just ordered a pack of 5 from a UK seller on eBay. I'll let you all know how it works out.
  12. Did anyone find out what type of set screw is used for the JTV-69S saddles and where to order it? One of mine popped out and I have to replace it by this Saturday. I've already started a support ticket with Line 6 but need to find a solution ASAP. If you have one you can spare, I'll pay you for your trouble and send you the one I get from Line 6.
  13. I figured out a workaround:
  14. Here's how the JTV-69S looks under the hood: