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  1. Thanks, Dave! I had the battery cavity CAD file ready to go, but in the end realized I was never going to use a battery and would prefer to leave as much wood in the guitar as possible. I don't have a postal scale and haven't weighed the guitar yet, but I'm guessing it's ~7.5 lbs. The recipient guitar is a B-Way Mercury Head (b-wayguitars.com). Since I make and sell these guitars, it would be self-serving for me to brag about how it plays, so I'll just say it plays well enough for me. :) I played it at a jam session this past Sunday, where I used the acoustic sims and alt tuning functions, and all the Variax stuff worked great. I don't think I'll be doing these transplants other than for my own builds. I build for fun, and there's a lot about these conversions that isn't fun. There are techs out there who are more than qualified to do this kind of work. If you Google "Variax transplant" you'll come across a bunch of previous projects, and I bet most of the people who posted about them would tell you who handled their transplants.
  2. 2.5 years later, finally done with mine. Shielded: Soldered: Installed: Lit: Done:
  3. Terminals found and crimped. It was a hard-fought battle with the evil Mr. Crimper:
  4. If you find a guide please let me know! I’m just feeling my way through this. But I did make progress on the control and jack plates: Now I’m working on the wiring. Prised the connector off the Standard bridge’s wires: Currently hunting for the right crimp terminals to lock the Ghost wires into the connector:
  5. Made progress on the control plate: Next I have to sand and prep for chrome plating, then it's time to cut and bend the output jack plate.
  6. Yay, less than a month between updates! Widened the output cavity for the VDI and 1/4" jacks the caveman way, with a drill, hammer and chisel: Rather than spend hours designing the top cavity expansion on my Mac I actually drew it freehand right on the Shaper Origin screen, just a polygon with a couple of round corners.
  7. Not stupid question. I'm using a Shaper Origin, which is a handheld CNC machine that sees where it is on the workspace based on the domino strips and moves the cutter accordingly. So I slide the Origin around the piece and it drops, lifts or moves the cutter sideways to autocorrect for my movements.
  8. After months of programming and file import errors, finally got this going again. First, a test cut to make sure I have a good handle on the Shaper Origin. Workspace mapped and the PCB cavity placed on a piece of scrap pine: A few passes to get the deepest layer roughed out: And a pass for the outer perimeter: Testing the PCB fit: Next two layers: Testing the cavity cover fit: The test cuts worked, so now for the real deal: Point of no return. Engraved the cavity cover outline so I don't have to worry about the finish chipping: Many passes later: I don't have quite the right touch with this thing yet. You can see burn marks where I was too slow and some jitter in the lip outline where I was too fast: Testing the fit: Hope I have another update before another 11 months pass.
  9. I have a Variax Standard transplant project in the works. I have the cavities designed, but Fusion360-to-SVG file conversion issues are stopping me from loading them into my CNC at the moment. I'll let you know if I ever get to the finish line successfully. The intended recipient guitar:
  10. I have a similar but slightly different problem. I'm hoping to record video with my iPhone 6 camera with the sound coming from Mobile POD. Even though I have Mobile POD running in the background and can hear the Mobile POD-processed audio via my headphones plugged into my Sonic Port while my camera is recording video, the actual video only gets the dry unprocessed audio. Is there an easy solution to this?
  11. Did you do the mods to Jennifer Batten's 69? Just curious, I've always been amazed by her playing and only just learned that she uses a JTV.
  12. Since I'm about to embark on a transplant project, would you please share with me your warnings of what not to do? :) I understand that the models won't sound like L6 intended them.
  13. From Ben Adrian over on TGP:
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