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  1. Is there a way to reduce the brightness of the backlighting of the scribble strips?
  2. I got a MONO M80 a while back and it worked nicely for several solutions. I actually shot a quick video on it and forgot about it - I'll link it up below - shows the AX8 and EV-1 or the Helix:
  3. Nimbas

    Helix Vs. AX8

    Yes I've sold 2 AX8's on eBay.
  4. I've never had one modeler that sounded good through headphones. Maybe a better solution is to get a set of noise cancelling headphones for your wife - that would probably be easier.
  5. Maybe this link showing the issue will work: http://www.mediafire.com/download/18tqznnkcqh7xbe/IMG_2283.MOV
  6. Well, I'd attach a video of the problem but I can't figure out how.
  7. I noticed playing this afternoon that footswitch 5 (the one next to mode that is normally assigned to looper) would react as it had been touch selected when I stepped on it with my foot. Even if I step on it quite quickly it asks me to assign whatever block you are on as bypass. None of the others seem to do this. I can hit it really fast with my finger and it does the same thing. I'm on the latest firmware. I just reloaded the firmware and did a global reset. Can anyone confirm for me this is not a bug? If not I guess I need to arrange an RMA...
  8. That didn't really answer my question. I know when I pull a block down to a parallel path there is a volume increase. I can see it on my mixer because I go from green to red (clipping). I need to know how much that increase is so I can compensate for it somehow (in the merge block)? It's an increase and therefore - a problem. If I had a better mixer at home I could figure it out. If I have patches that use parallel paths and those that don't - I need to balance the volume between them.
  9. Yes I know there's another thread on this but it's dead and I wanted to ask some more questions. I write most patches to be used in house of worship to the board scenario - so I have to control volume increases. The Helix doesn't have an internal VU meter and my cheap mixer at home only shows the signal is clipping - so I'm trying to understand the volume jumps of a parallel path. If I have a pretty simple setup - amp > delay > reverb and I pull the delay or reverb down into a parallel path (creates y split and merge block automatically) - how much is the volume actually increasing? To compensate for that increase, should you lower the volume at the merge block? Any other advise or recommendations for someone setting up patches and trying to limit volume like I do?
  10. So if I pull delay for example down to a parallel path from reverb - reduce the merge block of the delay by 6db?
  11. Nimbas

    Big Volume Knob

    I'd be nice if we had an internal VU meter (like the AX8) so you could see what your patch internal level was - that way you wouldn't have to use an external mixer. Hintity, hint hint.
  12. Nimbas

    Helix Vs. AX8

    I demoed my AX8 this weekly and frankly the tones are blowing me away. I like the size of the unit better too. I'm going to ride this train for a while - I had the Helix since Oct anyways - I like to change it up.
  13. Nimbas

    Helix Vs. AX8

    I'd have ordered those Ax8 invites and thrown them right on eBay for a quick $500-$600 profit. What's the risk you have a return window.
  14. Nimbas

    Helix Vs. AX8

    Well, I'll be able to see after I get off work...and mow the yard...and dinner with my wife.
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