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  1. 4 years and nothing.......could really do with this feature for my recording setup. Seems like it must be an easy addition to make. Is there a work around for this yet?
  2. Wolfster

    Big Sur

    Agreed. Also, Line 6 has history of this with not updating their line 6 driver for mac for aaaaaaaagggggeeees. They also blamed that on apple.
  3. Have to say I'm very disappointed with the meters. Just two bars on the display, and not even a mark or any dashes to show the user what level you're at (-18dbfs etc). Why didn't they incorporate it into hx edit? It baffles me..... Seems like that would be the best place for the meters as they are useful for setting up proper gain staging, and that naturally relates to recording using a computer. Anyway, rant over.
  4. So how is this dudes iso box different from a 2 channel ebtech hum eliminator? Isn't the circuitry pretty simple? Fwiw regarding the friedman runt, I've heard and read posts (including from friedman himself) that the effects loop on that thing is pretty noisy, and if you put an hx effects near one side of the amp it picks up lots of noise. That most definitely is an acknowledged design flaw. There was talk of it being addressed, with new parts to be sent out for owners to do skne DIY and fix it. Not sure what happened to that tbh.
  5. Anybody have an idea as to when it will be available?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, will give it a try. I believe I've been using the 'Top Secret OD' up until this point.
  7. Has anyone had any success dialling in a Smashing Pumpkins tone from the Siamese Dream period? I know he used a big muff and a MXR distortion pedal going into a JCM800, but I've yet to get a tone I'm happy with. He outlines the actual settings of the Big muff and MXR in this video: Check my sample attached to this thread. FWIW, I recorded it using P90 pickups. Quiet.mp3
  8. Update: Here's a quick clip. Using P90 pickups so the tone isn't quite the same. Just learnt it this evening so excuse the playing. Still, you get the idea!
  9. I've created a preset using Timmons' exact Lonestar settings from his gear demos, and microphones he uses for recording (SM57 close mic'd with an M160 further back). There are two snapshots - clean and lead. I've also added a compressor and a TS808 before the amp (again with his settings) which are initially bypassed, but experiment to your liking. The dual cabs should sum to mono, so to adjust the mix of each mic just change the 'level' parameter of each cab. I've also setup an effects chain in parallel using the memory man delay with his settings (500ms and 375ms) and a bit of verb to create some room ambience. To adjust the wet chain you can either use expression pedal 1 or go to the merge block and turn up or down the 'B level' setting. Timmons Lone.hlx
  10. I came across this issue and searched on the forum and found this thread. I must say it's very annoying having to deal with the volume changes when creating a split for two cabs, or a parallel path for effects. It's important that the volume stays at unity when making decisions that effect your tone, as volume changes massively effect one's perception of what sounds good. Ie, something that is louder is always going to sound better! It's considered mixing 101 to employ good gain staging strategy not only to ensure no clipping occurs, but just as importantly to be sure that one's mixing decisions aren't biased towards something being perceived as better because it is louder. Dialing in Helix amp tones are no different. For example, if I am running two cabs in parallel and want to compare the different mic/ cab configurations using the Split A/B mix routing parameter, or the dual cab tone to a single cab tone in series it's difficult to tell what sounds better versus what is simply louder. If anyone has any suggestions on how to ensure unity volume when using the split and merge feature I'd appreciate it.
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