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  1. Hi, I can't download the update. Not via Firefox or edge or IE11. What's wrong with it?
  2. Thanks for your help guys, I will give it a shot. Didn't know about the UDstomp preset list. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I try to recreate the Holdsworth 8 delay thing and some other fx. But I can't imagine whether or how it is done with helix. In a video by the awesome Darryl Gabel he walks through creating his holdsworth like sound but with an axe fx ultra. For instance: Is ist possible to Detune the signal -3 cents left and +3 cents right and mix it in? The Axe FX has a 4-Chorus Block wherein you can delay each stereo chorus and pan it. Holdsworth did something like this in the UD Stomp and Magicstomp. The settings are: First 4 Chorus block: 1: 15ms delay, pan 50L (hard left) 2: 20ms delay, pan 40L 3: 25ms delay, pan 30L 4: 30ms delay, pan 20L 5: 35ms delay, pan 20R 6: 40ms delay, pan 30R 7: 45ms delay, pan 40R 8: 50ms delay, pan 50R (hard right) This creates a very thick chorus without the warble. I found no chorus so versatile in the Helix... Any ideas except buying an AXE FX ;) ???
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